Neighbours stars respond to Chloe and Elly outcome in series finale

We are now in our first week of living in a world without Neighbours, but fans of the Chloe Brennan and Elly Conway romance (or ‘Chelly’ as they are known) got a gift in the final episode when the pair finally reunited.

The final scenes of the long-running soap saw Chloe and Elly get together and make plans for a new life together in Sydney – and stars April Rose Pengilly and Jodi Gordon have been talking about what the romantic reunion meant to them.

Reflecting on how beloved the pairing was by a vocal and passionate portion of the Neighbours fan base, April pointed out that memes and calls for a reunion were still coming despite the character of Elly bowing out two years prior to the end.

April added: “We’ve said it before, but we didn’t realise the story would resonate with so many people so much. We’re both so grateful to have been a part of it.”

Jodi said: “I’m just so grateful that the writers have really honoured their true love for each other and that they have ended it this way.”

Chloe and Elly reuniting and leaving Neighbours together is a sign that you never could predict love in Erinsborough.

They had the rockiest start you could imagine when the pair slept together while Elly was engaged to Chloe’s brother – and while they did go on an official date once all that drama had died down, they very quickly decided that they were better as friends.

But two years is a long time and the pair have finally got their acts together!

There will likely be some Chelly talk on Neighbours: The Farewell Tour next year in the UK as April was the third cast member to be announced. She will be joined by Alan Fletcher, Jackie Woodburne, and Ryan Moloney – with more names to follow.

Neighbours has now come to an end, but catch-up episodes are available via My 5 (UK) and 10 Play (Australia).