Neighbours spoilers: Who dies in chilling hostage horror as gun-toting Emma takes final revenge?

Emma McIver’s (Jessica Clarke) reign of terror reaches a thunderous conclusion in Neighbours next week, with a terrifying hostage situation leaving a number of residents in danger.

The scorned girlfriend of Gareth Bateman, who died during the River Bend chaos earlier this year, vowed to destroy Freya Wozniak (Phoebe Roberts) and David Tanaka (Takaya Honda) for their role in her beau’s demise.

David, as viewers know, is languishing behind bars in a maximum security prison, after he was deemed a flight risk due to an incident while out on bail.

Emma, knowing of David’s predicament, got back in touch with Freya last week, and promised to keep David safe inside if she carried out a series of tasks for her.

Freya, determined to protect David, agreed to do as she was asked, and thus illegally tended to a wounded pal of Emma’s.

David, as a result, has remained safe in prison.

But later this week, things take quite a turn, as Emma asks for another favour at the very same time Freya is due in court, and shocking scenes ensue as a result.

Freya is taken with assisting one of Emma’s associates (Picture: Channel 5 / Fremantle)
Emma holds them at gunpoint (Picture: Channel 5 / Fremantle)

Next week, there’s some good news, as David’s loved ones receive word that he’s going to be moved away from the other inmates for his own safety.

The joy, however, is short-lived, as it soon comes to light that David is in much more danger than everyone initially thought, as they’re sent a photo of him from a corrupt security guard.

Andrew Rodwell (Lloyd Will) ultimately comes up with a solution, however, asking David to wear a wire to catch out the dodgy guard. David, realising that doing so could result in him getting out jail, agrees to the plot, hoping for a successful outcome.

Nicolette stumbles in on the hostage situation (Picture: Channel 5 / Fremantle)

Things, however, don’t exactly go as planned, and David winds up trapped and injured as a result.

Emma, meanwhile, storms into Freya and Kiri Hua Durant’s (Gemma Bird-Mattheson) home with a gun, seemingly demanding that Freya tend to another injured mate.

Nicollete Stone (Charlotte Chimes) somehow gets involved in the showdown, and she proves to be the necessary distraction, as Freya tackles gun-toting Emma to the ground.

Emma demands that the trio do as she says (Picture: Channel 5 / Fremantle)

Emma is seemingly apprehended. David, however, remains in serious danger. Is this the end for the beloved doctor?

Will blood be shed? (Picture: Channel 5 / Fremantle)

Will blood be shed? If so, will it be David’s? Or someone else’s?

One to watch: Wednesday July 13 at 1:45pm and 6pm on Channel 5.