Neighbours spoilers: Shane Ramsay’s return storyline revealed as he stages comeback after 35 years

Shane is back in town! (Picture: Channel 5 / Fremantle Media / REX / Shutterstock)

It’s been over three decades since Shane Ramsay (Peter O’Brien) last set foot in Ramsay Street, but the Neighbours original makes a historic return next week, much to the delight of an old friend.

Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis), as viewers know, is worried sick about son David Tanaka’s (Takaya Honda) well-being, given that he’s currently languishing behind bars in a maximum security prison.

Matters are complicated further in upcoming scenes, as David’s life is yet again put in danger – and there’s little that Paul can do about it.

The businessman’s attention is soon elsewhere, however, as he crosses paths with old pal Shane!

And it’s not just a trip down memory lane that leaves Paul grinning like the cat that got the cream, as Shane’s comeback could prove to benefit him financially as well.

Shane, you see, has something of an interesting proposition for Paul, as he wants to go into business with him.

Shane enjoys celebrating with pals at Lassiters (Picture: Channel 5 / Fremantle)
His behaviour causes quite the commotion! (Picture: Channel 5 / Fremantle)

Paul is keen, that’s for sure, but Shane may soon come to reconsider, as he fishes Ramsay Street’s locals for information.

Will he find out anything that will make him decide against going into business with ruthless Paul?

Time will tell!

Shane catches the attention of one resident in particular (Picture: Channel 5 / Fremantle)

Shane, son of Max and Maria Ramsay, was one of Neighbours’ original characters, and he made his debut in the Aussie soap’s very first episode back in 1985.

The character featured in numerous storylines across a two year period, with his first seeing him training to become an Olympic swimmer. His dad Max was his coach, and went out of his way to ensure Shane fulfilled his potential.

Other storylines he featured in include a relationship with Daphne Lawrence (Elaine Smith), and being involved in a number of car crashes, one of which left him facing a life in prison after Jean Richards died.

Shane left Erinsborough in 1987, and hasn’t been seen again since, but it was revealed several months ago that the character would stage a comeback ahead of Neighbours’ final episodes.

Neighbours, as viewers know, is set to conclude later later this month, after Channel 5 controversially decided to drop it from their schedules in favour of ‘original UK drama’, which the broadcaster claims has a ‘strong appeal’ for audiences.

Shane featured in a number fo storylines between 1985 and 1987 (Picture: Fremantle Media / REX / Shutterstock)

The final month of episodes have been described as an on-air celebration of the show’s legacy and are thought to be must-see TV.

Actor Peter O’Brien is one of several stars set to reprise his role in the coming weeks, with others including Kyle Minogue (Charlene Robinson), Jason Donovan (Scott Robinson), Ian Smith (Harold Bishop), Paul Keane (Des Clarke) and Natalie Bassingthwaighte (Izzy Hoyland).

One to watch: Wednesday July 13 at 1:45pm and 67pm on Channel 5.