Neighbours spoilers: Glen Donnelly says he’s in love with Terese!

Glen tells Leo that he's in love with Terese!

Airs Monday 25 April 2022 at 6:00pm on Channel 5.

Glen Donnelly (played by Richard Huggett) lies about being in love with the Lassiters boss to get suspicious Chloe Brennan and Nicolette Stone (April Rose Pengilly and Charlotte Chimes) off his back in Neighbours

Leo, Chloe and Nicolette confront Glen about his behaviour around Kiri.

Chloe and Nicolette have both noticed how Glen acts strangely whenever he’s around Kiri Durant (Gemma Bird Matheson). They think he’s being weird, creepy and inappropriate, and can’t work out why he spends so much time with someone much younger than him, so they have asked Leo Tanaka (Tim Kano), who manages the vineyard where Glen works with Kiri, to have a word with him…

Leo, Chloe and Nicolette are stunned when Glen tells them he’s in love with Terese!

What they don’t know is that the reason Glen acts strangely around Kiri is because he’s her dad and she’s got no idea that her friend and co-worker is her old man either!

Backed into a corner, Glen has to think on his feet when he’s accused of having feelings for Kiri so he tells Leo, Cleo and Nicolette that he’s in love with Terese Robinson (Rebekah Elmaloglou)!

Terese tries to let Glen down gently.

The lie seems to work but what Glen doesn’t bargain on is Terese finding out…

When Chloe reveals what Glen told her, Terese decides to let him down gently, but there’s an awkward moment when he tells her it was a lie and they both feign relief…

But are they just kidding themselves?

Do Glen and Terese secretly have feelings for each other?

Harlow realises there are no sparks between her and Corey.

Harlow Robinson (Jemma Donovan) tries to make it work with Corey Smythe-Jones (Laurence Boxhall), but is forced to admit that there are no sparks between them.

She makes the decision after spotting Ned Willis (Ben Hall) in the distance and gazing longingly at him, making it clear that he’s still playing on her mind…

Ned’s still playing on Harlow’s mind

Corey takes being dumped like a champ and the pair agree to be just good friends, but later he makes a mysterious phone call and tells the person on the end that now Harlow has broken up with him, they need to think of a new plan.

What’s that all about?!

Corey’s dumped by Harlow.

Meanwhile, Terese is thrilled by the buzz that Fashion Week has created and decides to go all out with a few extras to make the event the best that it can be…

Terese has some ideas to run past Montana.

She asks Montana Marcel (Tammin Sursok) to okay her ideas, but she couldn’t care less. As she faces financial ruin and being arrested during Fashion Week, it seems the international businesswoman is more interested in getting plastered on wine!

Montana tries to drown her sorrows in wine!