Neighbours spoilers: FIRE at Erinsborough High School

Will everyone survive a DEADLY blaze at Erinsborough High School on Neighbours?

Airs Wednesday 2 March 2022 at 6:00pm on Channel 5.

There’s a MYSTERY firestarter on the loose… and their next target is Erinsborough High School on Neighbours (6:00pm – see our TV Guide for listings)…

As fire rages through the school, student Zara Selwyn (played by Freya Van Dyke) and family friend, Mackenzie Hargreaves (Georgie Stone) are horrified to find themselves trapped!

The gals hideout in the Art Supplies cupboard.

But as smoke starts to fill the room, their situation suddenly starts to look hopeless.

There is NO ESCAPE!

Or is there?

Meanwhile, school headmistress Susan Kennedy (Jackie Woodburne) leads an EMERGENCY evacuation of staff and students.

But teacher Jane Harris (Annie Jones) puts her own life at risk to search for missing students…

Mackenzie and Zara are trapped in the Art Supplies room during the fire on Neighbours…

As the Emergency services arrive on the scene, Hendrix Greyson (Ben Turland) fears the worst when there is no sign of his girlfriend, Mackenzie.

Mackenzie went down to Erinsborough High School to check on Zara, after the teenager had another massive bust-up with her mum, Amy Greenwood (Jacinta Stapleton).

Hendrix charges into the DANGER ZONE while Mackenzie and Zara attempt to escape from the Art Supplies cupboard before the fire reaches them.

But as the fire blazes out of control, will Zara, Mackenzie and Hendrix all be trapped?

Hendrix races to the rescue… but will he be too late on Neighbours?

Will Erinsborough High School burn to the ground?

WHO started this latest fire? And WHY?

Zara is the prime suspect, having previously deliberately set-off the school fire alarm.

Plus, she doesn’t have an albi for the previous fire that broke out in the school yard.

Or the time when someone set fire to the mailbox outside Number 32.

But hang on, Zara is actually trapped by fire this time.

Would she really start a big fire that would put her own life at risk?

Have Zara’s family and the staff at Erinsborough High School got it all WRONG?

So if Zara didn’t start the school blaze, then WHO did?