Neighbours spoilers: Clive’s big secret revealed as Nicolette catches him with another woman

Oh Clive, how could you?! (Picture: Channel 5 / Fremantle)

Clive Gibbons (Geoff Paine) is set to break Jane Harris’ (Annie Jones) heart in Neighbours next week, when he’s caught in the company of another woman.

The show’s resident medical professional, as viewers know, is thought to be having an affair with Danielle Pendlebury (Christine Stephen-Daly), a client of Byron Stone’s (Joe Klocek).

Byron, who works as a male escort, comes to believe that Clive is cheating on Jane in upcoming scenes, after he recognises his voice from a previous encounter with Danielle.

Determined to get to the bottom of the connection between Clive and Danielle, the newcomer begins to investigate, but he could soon have a big problem, as curious Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes) is doing some snooping of her own.

Nicolette’s mission, however, is to find out everything there is to know about Byron. Will she discover his escort secret?

That remains to be seen, but Byron soon realises that Nic is better as a friend than a frenemy, and thus he lets his sister in on his theory about Clive, and the two ultimately join forces to get to the truth.

Clive pops over to visit Danielle (Picture: Channel 5 / Fremantle)

Their investigation allows the siblings to see eye to eye in a way that they’ve never done so before, as they work out their next move together.

Byron, however, soon slips up, as Danielle catches him snooping and subsequently fires him.

Knowing full well there is more to this than meets the eye, Danielle reaches out to Clive to inform him of her suspicions. Clive makes his way to her home, and the two share something of an intimate moment.

The two share a charged moment (Picture: Channel 5 / Fremantle)
She can’t believe her eyes! (Picture: Channel 5 / Fremantle)
Reaching for her phone, she captures the moment between Danielle and Clive (Picture: Channel 5 / Fremantle)

Little do they know, however, that Nicolette has followed Clive, and – stunned by the sight before her – she takes pictures of the pair’s incriminating meet-up.

Convinced that they’ve caught Clive in the act, Nicolette and Byron subsequently breaks the news to a heartbroken Jane, who wastes little time in demanding answers.

Cornered, Clive reveals the truth, opening up to Jane about a particularly shameful chapter of his past.

Nicolette is all of us right now (Picture: Channel 5 / Fremantle)
How will Jane react when Nic shows her the snaps of Clive with another woman? (Picture: Channel 5 / Fremantle)

Jane, desperate for answers, pays a visit to see Danielle, who ultimately lets slip a few secrets of her own!

Has Clive cheated?

If so, how will Jane react? Is this the end for the couple?

One to watch: Monday July 11 at 1:45pm and 6pm on Channel 5.