Neighbours spoiler: Levi’s romance hits the rocks

Freya appears to be having second thoughts.

Episode 8778

UK airdate: Tuesday 08 February 2022 at 13:45 and 18:00 on Channel 5

Australian airdate: Wednesday 16 February 2022 at 18:30 on 10 Peach

Freya is shaken by Roxy’s break-in and pushes Levi away.

Levi is stuck between a rock and a hard place, unsure whether to give her space or be a friend. Unlucky in love once again, his hopes of finding romance are fading fast.

Meanwhile, fed up with Zara’s insolence, Jane comes down on her hard. She pulls out all the stops, leaving Zara resentful, so she shares some juicy gossip about Jane with the girls. But secrets spread like wildfire, and someone’s bound to get burned.

Elsewhere, Amy’s feeling lonely and hard done by when an unexpected gift brightens her world and puts her business back on track. Finally getting her groove back, things are looking up for The Drinks Diva.