Neighbours sets up Sheila Canning’s exit with Roxy Willis scene

Neighbours has set up Sheila Canning’s permanent exit from Erinsborough.

Last week, it was revealed that Sheila would be making a surprise departure from Ramsay Street after ten years.

Viewers have already seen Sheila’s final scenes, which aired early last week at UK pace. Sheila was seen reacting to the news that Roxy Willis (Zima Anderson) had broken into Freya Wozniak’s home to search for clues over her secrets.

In Tuesday’s episode on Channel 5, it was revealed that Sheila was still in Erinsborough – but was off screen in bed.

This came amid growing problems for the Canning family, with Levi (Richie Morris) struggling over what to do about Freya’s recent confessions, and Kyle (Chris Milligan) regretting not listening to Roxy’s suspicions over Freya’s behaviour in the first place.

Kyle and Levi took time out from Erinsborough by heading to the beach, where Levi lamented his messy love life.

Their heart-to-heart was ultimately cut short when Roxy called with news that Sheila would soon be leaving Ramsay Street.

Roxy told Kyle: “I am putting on a family dinner, so just hurry home. Mama is flying to LA in the morning.”

When asked if Sheila was leaving to see her daughter Naomi, Roxy quipped: “No, to make it big in Hollywood. Of course she’s seeing Naomi. Supposedly her boyfriend is really sick.”

Colette Mann, who played Sheila, recently confirmed that she had left the cast of Neighbours.

Asked whether Sheila’s departure is permanent, Colette tweeted: “Looks that way.”

Sheila joined Neighbours in 2012.