Neighbours newcomer Byron Stone to hide secret after moving to Erinsborough

The secret life of Byron Stone!

Neighbours spoilers follow.

Jane’s son Byron is making a surprise arrival in Erinsborough, and in true Neighbours style, we will soon learn that he has a secret that he is keen to keep to himself.

Starting work with Toadie at Rebecchi Law, Jane is thrilled that Byron is settling in so quickly, while Nicolette still seems slightly on edge about her brother’s unexpected arrival.

But while Byron settles in and Jane beams about having her son back, it soon turns out that Byron has an interest in a different kind of work to the one that his family knows about – and it is a good job that Mrs Mangel is not around to hear about it!

The mystery unfolds when Byron makes excuses to get out of a meeting at the law firm, and instead, he heads off with paperwork to see a mystery client, and things soon take a turn to the steamy side.

Byron has been making extra cash by working as a gigolo, and his move to Ramsay Street has done nothing to make him change his mind on that line of work.

But Byron is about to learn that keeping a secret in Erinsborough is never easy, and his side gig soon ends up getting in the way of the work that he is doing over at Rebecchi Law.

And it does not take long for Toadie to notice that something is amiss as Byron soon proves to not be as reliable as he had hoped.

Byron is late for work and meetings, and Toadie is quick to call him out on it, wondering if he does in fact want the job at all.

As Byron works to save his job and cover his tracks, how long will it be before his gigolo secret is revealed to his family – and how will Jane react to the bombshell?

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