Neighbours final week spoilers: Terese explodes with rage at Glen over major Paul betrayal: ‘This is absolutely unforgivable!’

Terese made her feelings known (Picture: Channel 5 / Fremantle)

Terese Willis (Rebekah Elmaloglou) was absolutely fuming with Glen Donnelly (Richard Huggett) in Neighbours, after catching him trying to dispose of Paul Robinson’s (Stefan Dennis) beloved compendium.

Glen, as viewers know, is worried that Terese might still be in love with Paul, despite the way in which their marriage came to an end.

Paul, as viewers know, conned Terese into thinking he was seriously ill, and when she started divorce proceedings, he upped the ante, sabotaging Lassiter’s fashion week in a bid to make her look bad.

He ultimately saw sense and agreed to give her a fair divorce settlement, and recent scenes have seen the former couple grow close once again, much to Glen’s dismay.

With Paul heading for New York and Terese packing up to move to River Bend, emotions have been running high, and earlier this week, Terese broke down, reminiscing about her time as Paul’s wife.

Terese read the letters Paul had written but never sent (Picture: Channel 5 / Fremantle)

Glen witnessed her emotional moment, and proceeded to question her about it on Wednesday (July 27).

Terese claimed that she was simply tired, putting Glen’s mind at rest, but things soon took another turn, as a box of her belongings – which Paul had returned – changed everything.

Paul’s beloved compendium, which belonged to his dad Jim, was accidentally left inside the box, and Terese couldn’t help but sneak a peek. Upon doing so, she found letters that Paul had written to her – ones that he’d never sent.

Terese lashed out at horrified Glen (Picture: Channel 5 / Fremantle)

She broke down in tears, once more, as she read Paul’s declaration of love for her, something which left Glen concerned once more.

Terese set off to notify Paul that he’d accidentally left the compendium in the box he gave her, but upon returning with her ex, she spotted Glen attempting to throw the compendium in the bin!

‘You know how much that means to Paul!’, she screamed, in a drastic outburst, shocking all those around her. ‘I don’t even know what to say to you!’

Is this the end for Terese and Glen? What’s more, does this indicate that Glen’s suspicions are correct? That Terese does still have feelings for Paul?

Only time will tell.

Neighbours continues Thursday July 28 at 1:45pm and 6pm on Channel 5.