Neighbours fans threaten to ‘boycott’ Channel 5 over soap’s replacement ‘Won’t watch’

NEIGHBOURS fans have threatened to boycott Channel 5 after the broadcaster replaced the soap in its usual time slot with the rebooted Cash in the Attic.

The final ever episode is not far away (Picture: Fremantle Media)

Last week, Neighbours fans were left emotional after the Channel 5 soap came to an end after 37 years. Viewers also saw some old faces make a return for its final episode including pop star Kylie Minogue and West End actor Jason Donovan. However, some Neighbours fans have been left outraged after the programme, which usually aired at 6pm, has been replaced with Cash in the Attic.

Many upset fans have since taken to social media to air their frustrations.

Some have even threatened to boycott Channel 5 over Neighbours’ replacement, while others refuse to watch the channel at all.

Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan made an iconic return to Neighbours for the finale (Picture: Channel 5 / Fremantle)

Taking to Twitter, Neighbours fan Jules fumed: “F***s sake, Cash in the Attic instead of #Neighbours Channel 5, I hate you! #PerfectBlend.” (sic)

Ruby Kathryn wrote: “When it kicks in that @neighbours is not on anymore! @channel5_tv has replaced this beloved institution with horrible landlords, earlier H&A and Cash in the Attic!

“Appalling! I wonder how many daily viewers you’ve just permanently lost apart from me! #Neighbours #imissneighbours.”

While fan Stephanie raged: “#channel5isdeadtome #Neighbours watching Cash in the Attic is about as exciting as watching my dog chew his nails … no… in fact my dog is way more entertaining … Channel 5 – ‘Ciao, adios I’m done’!”

“Can’t wait to see what happens tonight in ‘Cash in the attic’” said NO ONE EVER #benfrow @channel5_tv #neighbours,” User @for_neighbours added.

William tweeted: “I was thinking of starting a boycott of Cash in the Attic as a protest against it replacing #neighbours but as I doubt anybody will watch that s**t anyway I won’t waste my time.”

James Webb went on to comment: “Used to watch @5_News before @NeighboursTV now they’ve replaced #Neighbours with Cash in the Attic repeats so I won’t bother watching @channel5_tv at all. #bringbackneighbours @neighbours.”

However, not all viewers were unhappy with the shake-up as Dan penned: “Well that’s the end of #Neighbours as I said I’ve not watched for years but it’s the end of an era. A show axed because of money rather than losing its audience! Anyway Cash in The Attic replaces it on Monday so not all bad.”

Luna added: “Sooooo, who’s excited for cash in in the attic, next week?”

On Friday, gutted fans tuned in to watch the final episodes of Neighbours play out.

The last instalment saw Charlene (played by Kylie Minogue) and Scott (Jason Donovan) return to Ramsay Street.

Viewers watched with delight as Kylie drove up the road in a green Mini with Jason brimming with excitement.

He said: “Wow, wow, wow. Look at this – amazing. We made it!”

“Home sweet home,” Kylie’s character simply replied to her partner.

Kylie and Jason weren’t the only familiar faces to make their comeback to the soap.

Hollywood star Guy Pearce also reprised his role as Mike Young to enjoy one final trip to Ramsay Street.

The final episode also smashed TV ratings and saw thousands of viewers tuning in to watch.

According to TV Tonight ratings, 873,000 viewers across Australia tuned in to watch the show bow out.

Scott and Charlene join a number of the show’s legends on the balcony of No. 24 (Picture: Channel 5 / Fremantle)

Tuesday night’s episode of Cash in the Attic will see Jules Hudson and expert appraiser Paul Hayes treasure hunt in Birmingham.

The presenters will help Jackie and her daughter Julie, who hope to raise money to buy Julie’s youngest daughter Daisy a pageant dress for the final of Miss Teen Great Britain.

Cash in the Attic airs weekdays at 6pm on Channel 5.