Neighbours confirms new chapter in evil Corey storyline

Neighbours spoilers follow.

Neighbours has hinted that we may not have seen the last of evil Corey Smythe-Jones.

Corey did a runner last week after finally being caught out for his twisted attempts to manipulate Harlow Robinson.

Although everyone was relieved when Harlow returned home to Erinsborough following her sinister ordeal, there was also anger that justice hadn’t been served over Corey’s actions.

In next week’s episodes on Channel 5, Harlow is horrified to realise that Corey’s obsession with her isn’t over.

Harlow discovers that Corey is monitoring her phone with spyware, still seemingly hell-bent on recruiting her into the Restoration Order one day.

Deciding to stand up to Corey, a determined Harlow resolves to use the spyware to her advantage by tricking him.

Harlow believes that she can lure Corey into a trap, with the police lying in wait to bring him into custody.

Although Harlow’s friends and family are all worried about these tactics, she clearly means business and vows that Corey needs to watch out.

The following day, Harlow puts her plan into action by sending some misleading texts, knowing that Corey will be reading them.

Harlow is disappointed when there’s no immediate success.

Sergeant Andrew Rodwell, who recently moved to Ramsay Street, warns Harlow that she shouldn’t let her Corey mission consume her life like this.

Harlow takes this on board and becomes reflective, realising that it might be time to make a change. But with Corey still out there somewhere, is Harlow still in danger?

Neighbours airs weekdays at 1.45pm and 6pm on Channel 5 and streams on My5. In Australia, the show airs Mondays to Thursdays at 6.30pm on 10 Peach and streams on 10 Play.