Neighbours boss shares a peek at official script for emotional final scene

Neighbours’ executive producer Jason Herbison has shared some shots from the official script for the long-running show’s final ever scene.

The Australian soap received much praise last week as the finale episode ended with a touching scene on Ramsay Street, which featured a mix of existing cast, returning faces and even cameos from dead characters.

In an exclusive treat for readers, Herbison has now released some snippets from the script for this memorable scene.

Fans can see how the milestone moment was written on the page and how this was ultimately brought to life on the filming day.

Herbison, who served as the soap’s producer from 2013, was responsible for penning the hour-long finale episode.

In a chat with this week, he confirmed that it was always his plan to round off the show with a massive street party and monologue from fan favourite Susan Kennedy.

Herbison told us: “I always had the vision of the very end. The joyous street party, Susan’s voiceover, the characters no longer with us, the balloon, the original theme song and the message to audience. I knew I wanted to have everyone on the street for these final moments.”

On choosing Susan to take a central role in the final scene, he added: “Susan is the heart of Ramsay Street so it was always in my mind to close the show with her. How could I end the show without letting Jackie [Woodburne] give us one more performance of a lifetime?

“It was actually the easiest part of the script to write. I just thought about how I felt about the show and put it into Susan’s voice. I have to give huge props to director Scott Major and our production designer Peta Lawson for bringing it all to life.

“I remember telling them about the balloon and they looked at me like I was slightly crazy – but everyone supported the vision and made it happen.”

Neighbours has now come to an end, but catch-up episodes are available via My 5 (UK) and 10 Play (Australia).