16 Neighbours Easter Eggs in final episodes – did you spot them?

You can’t accuse the Neighbours team of not having a sense of humour. Ever since the show’s axing was announced in February, the episodes have been littered with funny in-jokes and references to the past.

Here are 16 of the best examples from recent months. Did you spot them all?

  1. Pierce’s recast

When Pierce Greyson was needed back on Ramsay Street for the emotional Hendrix storyline earlier this year, show bosses opted to bring back Tim Robards in the role rather than the recast version, Don Hany.

Chloe had a bone to pick with Pierce over the way he’d behaved last time he was in town, complaining: “It was straight-up manipulation, without any consideration for my feelings. I didn’t think you were capable of something like that. It’s like you were a completely different person.” He was!

  1. The petition

When Channel 5’s decision to axe Neighbours was first announced, superfan Edward Skylover set up an online petition calling for a rethink. Over 69,000 viewers signed it, but Channel 5 didn’t have enough Cash In The Attic (ahem) to continue funding Neighbours and refused to budge.

Even so, the Neighbours team were clearly grateful for the support as a scene in April saw Chloe name-check Edward Skylover as the person responsible for selling livestream tickets to Fashion Week at Lassiters.

Chloe gushed: “The buzz he’s generated is huge.” She wasn’t wrong.

  1. Lucy recast banter

Lucy Robinson was famously played by three different actresses: Kylie Flinker, Sasha Close and Melissa Bell.

When Glen looked through old photos in the Ramsay Street history book recently, he seemed just as confused as viewers when he remarked: “Lucy loves a makeover, doesn’t she? If I didn’t know better, I’d think that was three different people.”

  1. Slating the show’s own retcons

If Neighbours fans have one pet peeve, it’s the show’s history being rewritten to suit a new storyline. The introduction of the long-lost Ramsay siblings in 2009 annoyed long-term viewers as it trashed the show’s established canon.

The writers were at it again in 2016, when the Tanaka twins were revealed as Paul Robinson’s children. This also went against established continuity from episodes that had aired in the ’80s.

In a recent chat with Paul, Shane Ramsay appeared to reference the Ramsay retcon when he mused: “No matter how much I think about it, it makes no sense that my dad and your mum had an affair.”

Paul replied: “I know, it is hard to believe. A bit like when I found out about David and Leo.”

  1. One Way Street

When Amy headed off on a blind date a few weeks ago, she found herself enduring a cringeworthy time with Ben, an obsessed superfan of the soap One Way Street. One Way Street was one of the original titles suggested for Neighbours before the show launched.

Ben broke the sad news that One Way Street would be finishing soon, but he and other “Street fighters” would be celebrating until the end.

These scenes were jam-packed full of sneaky references to Neighbours, as Ben gushed about everything from “the wedding” to “Dr Ken”.

  1. Bertha

When David and Aaron set sail for a trip together just before the prison storyline kicked off, David decided to name the boat “Bertha”.

This was a reference to Bertha the car, which featured prominently in episodes in the ’80s.

  1. Hendrix’s death

When Hendrix passed away in hospital a few weeks ago, his distraught wife Mackenzie clung desperately to him on his hospital bed.

This scene was reminiscent of Daphne Clarke’s death and the reaction of her husband Des in 1988. Daphne was the first regular character to be killed on Neighbours.

  1. For Sale signs

When most of Ramsay Street was put on the market this week, the superfans who run the popular NeighBens account on Twitter helpfully zoomed in on the For Sale signs.

It was revealed that the blurbs marketing each house contained some cheeky references that only fans would understand. Number 26’s mentioned “flexible bedroom potential” – a nod to the ever-confusing bedroom situations in Ramsay Street’s houses. Just where does everybody sleep?

Number 24’s praised the “state of the art security system”. This was seen as a possible nod to the green fence that was erected outside the house by the real-life owner in Pin Oak Court, which had to be written into the storylines.

Number 32’s also hyped up the “barely-used fireplace” in the living room – an admission that we’ve only seen the kitchen set at that house in recent years.

Script producer Shane Isheev later said on Twitter: “I had A LOT of fun writing these with Alex Anderotti… And yes, we do mention the missing living room at number 32.”

  1. The Simpsons

Another humorous scene between Paul and Shane mentioned the history of Toadie’s home, Number 30.

Paul referenced how the Simpson family once lived in the house, but they “pretty much kept to themselves”.

The Simpson family are part of the Street’s fictional history, as they lived at Number 30 in the late 1980s.

Despite Neighbours being on our screens at the time, the family were never seen and somehow kept out of the dramas that plagued the rest of Ramsay Street.

  1. Unmissable drama

Neighbours used to end every episode with a cast member screeching “Unmissable drama!”, before a trailer was shown to hype up upcoming events. Fans would constantly tease the show for the OTT promos, so the tagline was later scrapped.

When Yashvi was recently asked whether she missed life on Ramsay Street, she replied: “Not the drama.” A nod to those trailers, surely?

  1. Lisa who?

In a recent scene, Harold was kept updated on the faces from Ramsay Street’s past who’d been in touch to offer contributions to the history book.

When Lisa Elliott was mentioned, Harold was baffled and replied: “Who?” This was a shady reference to a barely-remembered and short-lived character from 1997.

  1. Rose

When Mike Young returned to Erinsborough, he made reference to his ex-wife Rose.

Guy Pearce revealed that this unseen character was named after Kate Winslet, who’s a big Neighbours fan. Kate, of course, famously played the role of Rose on Titanic.

  1. Tom Oliver

In the finale episode, Terese was seen clutching an envelope with the name of her conveyancing solicitor – T Oliver.

This was a nod to Neighbours legend Tom Oliver, who played the role of Lou Carpenter between 1988 and 2016.

  1. Ramsay Court?

Another funny moment in the finale saw Sam correctly point out an inconvenient fact that fans have mentioned over the years – Ramsay Street isn’t a street at all, but in fact a court.

Mike quipped: “That’s a very good point. Nobody has ever bothered to explain that.”

  1. UK fans

In Susan’s final monologue, she stated that “those who watched us from afar” deserved a place in the Ramsay Street history book.

This was an obvious tribute to the show’s viewers, but has been interpreted as being particularly aimed towards the passionate UK fanbase who’ve loved watching from the other side of the world.

  1. Fan shout-outs

Script producer Shane Isheev named a number of recent characters after superfans or their family members.

One Way Street fan Ben, injured man Austin, Mike’s daughter Sam and Kiri’s dad Alan were among the long list of characters named specially as tributes to well-known members of the fanbase.