11 huge Neighbours spoilers for next week

What’s ahead on Ramsay Street?

Neighbours spoilers follow.

The show must go on, for now at least, and it is another drama-filled week for the residents of Ramsay Street – on and off screen – with some trouble on the way for Aaron and David.

Here are 11 Neighbours spoilers to look forward to next week.

1. Levi is left reeling by Freya

After weeks of deception, Freya finally spills the beans of her true intentions to Levi – and he is devastated when he learns that she has had a boyfriend this whole time.

Gareth, the man in question, has been missing for some time and Freya has been trying to track him down – fearing that something may have happened to him and that the police may know more than they have been saying. Levi is in no mood to help and makes a hasty exit, but he has far from seen the last of Freya.

2. Mackenzie grows tired of Number 30

The living situation at Number 30 has become a lot more cramped, and a lot tenser, since Toadie invited Amy and Zara to move in. When she finds that she can’t even chill on the sofa in peace anymore, Mackenzie realises that she needs to move out and it quickly dawns on her that Number 24 is empty apart from Chloe.

Chloe does not seem against the idea when Mac approaches her about it, so it looks like one neighbour is on the move.

3. Zara causes more trouble

Zara may have only been in Erinsborough a short while, but the idea of her causing trouble should come as a surprise to nobody – it seems to be in her nature. But that trouble continues next week, and an unaware Hendrix is set to be caught in the crossfire.

Wanting her friends to believe that there is more to her friendship with him than there actually is, Zara decides to concoct her own “proof” to convince them – but is her plan set to backfire?

4. The pressure gets to Jane

Jane’s woes in the classroom are only set to get worse when she has to deal with a class full of students who are all out to get her. Despite her efforts to defuse the situation, she is left shaken when the whole class insists on recording her – and they refuse to stop.

While rattled by that, she is left even more shocked when she and Susan see that a bin has been set ablaze on school grounds. Once again, the finger of suspicion is pointed directly at Zara.

5. Kyle tries to help Levi

Levi is down in the dumps after his latest romance came crashing down, so Roxy encourages Kyle to take him on a road trip to help him beat the blues.

While Kyle is confident that he can breathe a bit of life back into his cousin, it soon becomes clear that Levi is struggling to process recent events and it will take a lot more than some male bonding for him to snap out of it. Will Levi be able to let the whole thing go?

6. Aaron shocks David with a bold move

Leo is still determined to get on with his life without Abigail and while David is still banking on his brother changing his mind, Aaron is looking at the situation that they are in if they don’t. He broaches the subject to David that they should start looking into legally becoming her parents, but David is less keen as he wants Leo to realise what a massive mistake he is making.

With the couple at odds over what is best, Aaron is about to make a decision that will lead to some serious issues between he and David.

7. Mackenzie and Hendrix clash

Mackenzie has felt uneasy about Hendrix’s friendship with the volatile Zara for a while now, and she is correct to be worried about her true intentions. When she tries to explain to Hendrix how concerned she is, he insists that there is nothing to worry about and he is just trying to be a good influence on her.

Mac is no fool and she knows that Zara is up to something, but will it damage her relationship beyond repair?

8. Paul ropes in the Kennedys to help with Terese

It is seemingly all over between Paul and Terese, but Paul himself is one person who is not ready to give up hope of a reconciliation. Spotting Karl and Susan in The Waterhole and being reminded of how many times they have separated, he ropes them in to help – thinking they might be able to convince Terese that they are worth fighting for.

However, this is yet another of Paul’s plans that backfires – and now it seems the door is closed for good.

9. Nicolette speaks up over Abigail

With Aaron and David at odds over his decision to push for legal custody of Abigail, Nicolette is left feeling uneasy about what her role in the family dynamic will be if it goes ahead.

Nicolette is right to feel uneasy as the trio did not get off to the best start at co-parenting after the shenanigans of last year, so she decides to speak her mind to the boys. But things at Number 32 are set to become fraught once again, but this time Nic is not one of the causes.

It is a busy time at the Canning house as not only do they have the Freya drama to deal with, but they soon learn that Sheila has made a hasty exit to help a struggling Naomi.

Levi’s head remains firmly focused on Freya, despite his best intentions, and even though he knows he should move on, he is struggling to do so. He decides to look into the situation with Gareth himself to see if he can learn the truth, but he looks set to walk straight into danger.

11. Terese toasts to a new start

It has been a rough few months for Terese and she has been close to ruining her life altogether on a number of occasions – and even losing it. But next week sees her looking to the future with a smile on her face as she gathers her nearest and dearest around for a bottle of (non-alcoholic) champagne.

The cause for the celebration is that she has decided to divorce Paul and to have a completely new start but while she appears happy, Paul is left bereft as the realisation that his marriage is over begins to sink in.

Neighbours airs weekdays at 1.45pm and 6pm on Channel 5 (UK) and Mondays to Thursdays at 6.30pm on 10 Peach (Australia).

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