10 huge Neighbours spoilers for next week

Next week on Neighbours, there is more tension on the way at number 32 as Leo comes to a big decision. While Paul’s life looks like it could be on the line as he is rushed to the hospital.

Here are 10 Neighbours spoilers to look forward to next week.

1. Levi escapes a dangerous situation

Levi’s decision to do some looking into the missing Gareth for Freya backfired when he found himself held at gunpoint while investigating. The week kicks off with Levi in a tense situation with a man who is adamant he does not want to go back to prison.

It takes some fast talking for Levi to get himself out of what could have been a deadly encounter. But will he be able to avoid looking into Gareth further, or is this just the start of him finding himself in danger?

2. Glen and Terese go paintballing

Glen decides it is time that Terese got herself out of the house and back into the world, so he follows Ned and Harlow’s lead by organising a paintballing trip for them. And it seems to do the trick, at first at least, with Terese enjoying getting to take her frustrations out on the course.

While Terese does enjoy herself, she finds that she is unable to get Paul out of her mind no matter how hard she tries – and she is about to get some very bad news about him…

3. Zara’s luck could be running out

Zara made sure that the residents of Erinsborough knew that she could be trouble when she first arrived, and that has come back to bite her. The list of things that she is being blamed for continues to grow and this is another instance of Zara being adamant that she is not the guilty party.

Zara’s denials aren’t believed and Amy is beginning to think that it is time she shipped her daughter back to Cairns. Will Zara be able to prove she is not guilty, or is her time on Ramsay Street about to come to an abrupt and early end?

4. Levi struggles to stay out of Freya’s life

Levi has more than one good reason to stay out of Freya’s way. She lied to him, strung him along, and he found himself staring down the barrel of a gun while looking into her missing boyfriend, Gareth. But with Freya sticking around and now working at the hospital, Levi finds it hard to avoid her.

When they do see each other, Levi finds that he is compelled to spend time with her and help her with the search. But with his family worried about him, is Levi making a huge mistake?

5. Leo faces a big decision

Leo has dealt with a couple of huge shocks of late, finding out he is a dad and then having to deal with the loss of baby Abigail’s mother. His decision to hand the baby over to David and Aaron sent shockwaves around Ramsay Street, and next week sees Chloe try one last time to make him realise what he is giving up.

With Aaron now set on raising Abigail as his own, and friction already forming between him and David, Leo knows that whatever decision he makes now needs to be final – and he knows what he has to do.

6. Paul’s condition takes another turn

Paul left most of those that cared about him disgusted when he lied about his health condition to win over Terese – even paying a dodgy doctor to make it seem that things were worse for him than they were.

That decision cost him dearly, and it looks as though karma may be circling him when he really does take a turn for the worst next week. Alone at the penthouse, his condition continues to deteriorate, but will anybody find him in time to save him?

7. Aaron is left reeling by Leo’s choice

Leo has finally realised that giving Abigail up would be a huge mistake and he is ready to build a life with her in it – but the good news is not well received by everyone.

Aaron is left reeling by the news that he will be losing Abigail all over again, and he is furious with Chloe for being the one to talk Leo into making it happen.

The news does not help to smooth things over with David either and after a few weeks of relative peace, it seems number 32 is set to be a tension-filled house once again.

8. Levi and Freya search for Gareth

Against his better judgement, Levi is fully on board with helping Freya learn what happened to her missing boyfriend, but his nearest and dearest are quick to tell him what a mistake they think he is making.

As they head off to search for more information, Roxy takes it upon herself to try and stop him getting in trouble with his boss by spending time with his wife, Wendy. But will Roxy’s intervention backfire, and how will Levi react when he finds out?

9. Leo looks to the future

Despite dropping a bomb on Aaron and David over his decision to embrace being a parent to Abigail, Leo decides to focus on the future and to make sure his daughter has the best start to life that he can possibly give her.

While it is a happy time for him and Abigail, the ramifications of his choice continue to ripple around Ramsay Street and for Aaron and David, it looks as though the problems developing between them are only set to worsen.

10. Will Paul survive?

While popping over to the penthouse to check on Paul, Glen gets a shock when he finds him in a bad way, and he is quick to get him to the hospital. Word soon spreads about his condition and his nearest and dearest are worried that he may not pull through.

Terese also feels that worry and makes plans to go and visit him – before reminding herself that they are not together anymore, and she needs to put herself first. Is Terese ready to move on from Paul completely, and will the man himself make a full recovery?