10 huge Neighbours spoilers for next week

Neighbours spoilers follow.

Next week on Neighbours, wedding bells are sounding in Erinsborough, but will the big day go to plan?

Meanwhile, Kiri might be facing a choice between Nicolette and Chloe.

Here are 10 Neighbours spoilers to look forward to next week.

1. Hendrix and Mackenzie face wedding drama

Weddings are rarely a simple affair in Erinsborough, but one done at the very last minute is even more complicated as Hendrix and Mackenzie learn this week.

With the big day seemingly all set to take place at the zoo, everyone is thrown for a loop when the booking falls through and a quick replacement is needed.

To make matters worse, Pierce and Grant are unable to see eye to eye and frequently clash, much to the annoyance of the bride and groom. Will their big day be able to go ahead?

2. Kiri has concerns about Nicolette

While navigating the tricky world of finding out that your neighbour is your dad, Kiri also has affairs of the heart to contend with – and both Chloe and Nicolette are on her radar.

After growing closer to Chloe, Kiri warmed to Nic last week, but next week threatens to undo all that when Kiri witnesses another outburst from the temperamental Nicolette.

Surprisingly, it is Chloe that comes to Nic’s defence, and it seems that her words may be the push that Kiri needs.

3. It’s the day of the wedding

It’s the day of the, potentially last ever, Ramsay Street wedding, and Hendrix and Mackenzie are set on making sure they have the best day ever.

The day proves to be everything they hoped for and more, with Pierce and Grant even putting their differences behind them for the sake of their newlywed children.

The party continues back at The Waterhole and, after watching Hendrix bust some moves, Grant and Mackenzie share a father-daughter dance. It is the perfect day, but does a lifetime of happiness await them?

4. Kiri’s love life gets more complicated

The wedding is the perfect chance for everybody to let their hair down – and Kiri certainly has a night to remember.

While feeling the pull of Nicolette, Kiri allows herself to think that something might happen between them, only to be taken aback when Nic arrives with a date – Asher.

As the night goes on, it is Kiri and Chloe that spend the most time together, and the excitement of the wedding brings them closer than either of them expected.

5. Pierce has a big surprise for the newlyweds

With the wedding done and Hendrix and Mackenzie happily husband and wife, the pair enjoy the best honeymoon that they can have with Hendrix’s surgery right around the corner, one that very much involves staying home.

Chloe and Kiri pull out all the stops to give them the perfect “homey-moon”, but it is Pierce that has the biggest surprise for them.

Reminding us again how loaded he is, he reveals that he has brought the couple their very own apartment – putting all other gifts, presumably, to shame.

6. Paul’s plan backfires

Not that they needed much help, but Paul’s plan to cause more of a rift between Terese and Estelle appears to be working exactly as he intended – at least at first.

The two are indeed more estranged than ever, and Terese plays right into Paul’s hands when she loses her temper at Estelle after catching her sharing a drink with him.

While Paul thinks that things are going his way, he soon realises that things have gone a tad awry when Estelle makes a pass at him.

7. Will Nicolette put Kiri behind her?

While Kiri and Chloe are dealing with their hook-up at the wedding, Nicolette is beginning to think that it is time she moved on – not knowing that Kiri is now hoping for something from her.

The cause for her new approach is Asher, as the two find they get along better than expected on their date. But Kiri is still on her mind, and when she spots some awkwardness with Chloe, she can’t help but hope that they might still have a shot. Will Nicolette be able to move on, and should she?

8. Corey’s plans for Harlow are not over

Corey has been missing in action since his failed attempt at stealing Harlow away to The Order, but Harlow learns that he has not given up on her.

While at her computer, Harlow is horrified to learn that he is keeping track of what she is doing thanks to some spyware.

While at first shaken by the revelation, it soon dawns on Harlow that she has the perfect opportunity to lure Corey out and to make sure he is arrested for his crimes. But is Harlow heading down a dangerous path once again?

9. Hendrix goes under the knife

Nobody can say that Hendrix does not have a lot on his plate next week as not only does he get married, but he also must undergo the risky operation of a lung transplant.

While Hendrix tries to make out that he is chill with everything going on, Mackenzie knows better, and she does all she can to make him feel relaxed and reassured.

As the day arrives, she, Pierce, Karl and Susan are all there to see him off as he is wheeled away, but will the operation be the success that they are all hoping for?

10. Terese is done with Estelle

Estelle has been walking a fine line with Terese since the moment she unexpectedly arrived in Erinsborough, and it looks like she pushes things too far next week.

After trying to kiss Paul, he quickly understands that he needs to back away altogether, and he was the only person in Erinsborough that Estelle still had on her side.

Estelle tries to make amends with Terese and begs forgiveness, but it fails to pay off and Terese makes it clear that she is done. Will Estelle ever get the chance to make things right?

Neighbours airs weekdays at 1.45pm and 6pm on Channel 5 and streams on My5. In Australia, the show airs Mondays to Thursdays at 6.30pm on 10 Peach and streams on 10 Play.