10 huge Neighbours spoilers for next week

What’s next on Ramsay Street?

Next week on Neighbours, the fallout of the drama at River Bend continues as a face from Gareth’s past looks set to cause more problems.

Meanwhile, Glen finds his past is getting a little too close.

Here are 10 Neighbours spoilers to look forward to next week.

1. Glen struggles with Kiri around

Kiri arriving in Erinsborough throws Glen for a loop and even though he is relieved to find out that she is in town for Nicolette, he is still left feeling uneasy.

But that is nothing compared to how Glen feels when he finds out that Kiri is thinking about relocating to the area permanently.

With Kiri and Nicolette growing closer, Glen knows that he can’t avoid her forever, but how long will he be able to keep his secret that he is her biological father?

2. The pressure mounts on Freya

Just because Gareth is out of the way does not mean that things will be getting easier for Freya – far from it.

Following Freya and David leaving Gareth to die, David is crumbling under the weight of what they did, and Freya is trying to do damage control. But she is getting pressure added from all sides.

Kyle makes it clear what he thinks of Freya, while Chloe seems like she might be having doubts about letting her move into number 24. Will things start getting better for Freya?

3. Terese has to impress Mick

Montana Marcel’s Fashion Week is right around the corner and Lassiters is hoping to pull out all the stops to make it an unforgettable week.

Terese and Chloe need to impress Montana and that means making a good impression on her assistant – who turns out to be none other than Mick Allsop.

But with Mick’s history at Lassiters and with the people of Erinsborough, he is not about to make it easy for Terese to win him over…

4. Nicolette’s past comes back to haunt her

Nicolette is thrilled that Kiri is in town and she hopes that the pair will have a chance at becoming an item – until Glen intervenes.

Glen tells Kiri all about the questionable things that Nic has done in the past and that proves to be a tough listen for her.

Nicolette does not help herself when she loses her cool after learning what Glen did, which only drives Kiri even further away. It looks like Glen’s ploy to keep his secret safe has worked for now, but how long will his luck last?

5. Things remain awkward between Ned and Harlow

River Bend was an interesting time for a lot of people and while Ned and Harlow avoided the most dangerous aspect of the trip, they ended up lost, alone, and far closer than they were when they left.

Now that Ned is back with Amy, things are tense between the pair and Harlow makes plans to head to London to clear her head.

While Harlow insists that she is not going because of Ned, the tension is clear and she leaves without things feeling resolved and the friendship still feeling like it is on a knife’s edge.

6. Things get worse for Freya and David

Another interview with the coroner beckons for David and Freya after what happened to Gareth, and it looks like David could crack under pressure at any moment.

With that hanging over their heads, the last thing that they need is more stress but that is what they get from Emma, Gareth’s girlfriend.

Emma is suspicious over how Gareth died and refuses to accept that there was nothing the pair could have done to try and save him. Worse, she makes it clear that she blames them for his death, and she wants justice.

7. Amy’s baby plans concern Ned

With Roxy very much in baby-making mode, Amy is left to reflect on the situations that led to her having children, and whether she wants another.

Ever the impulsive person, Amy soon decides that she does indeed want a new baby and that conversation with Ned proves to be an alarming one for him.

He is very aware that they have only just got back together, and she is unable to drop the subject long enough for him to think about it. Will Amy’s need for a baby end up driving a wedge between them?

8. Is Fashion Week over before it’s even begun?

Securing Montana Marcel’s Fashion Week is top of the agenda for Lassiters, and Terese and Chloe are desperate to pull it off – but that means listening to Mick.

However, Mick is not known for being the most trustworthy of people and his ideas soon lead to Montana being presented with something that is garish, to say the least.

Montana is clearly not happy, and only a last-minute scramble can save the day now, but will they be able to pull it off?

9. Curtis tries to help Shannon

After the incident with the fire at Erinsborough High, Aubrey found herself dealing with the consequences and now she faces home-schooling.

Curtis gets involved but soon senses that something is amiss with Aubrey’s grandmother and that she may need help with her hearing. But Aubrey is keen to move the conversation on and seems defensive when asked.

Curtis is sure that something is amiss though and continues looking into it, but what it is that Aubrey is hiding?

10. David tries to move on

David needs his friends and family more than ever at the moment, and they can see that something is very wrong with him. With the stress almost unbearable, he finally unloads some of his worries on Aaron, who promises to be there for him.

The same goes for Nicolette and Jane, who make it clear that they are there for him whenever he needs it. It seems that things are looking up for David for the moment, but how long will that last?