10 huge Neighbours spoilers for next week

What’s next on Ramsay Street?

Next week on Neighbours, the fallout of the drama at River Bend continues as Aaron is in a dire way, while David is forced to come to terms with what he did.

Here are 10 Neighbours spoilers to look forward to next week.

1. Guilt starts to eat away at David

Back in Erinsborough and at the hospital, David is a mess. Not only is he frantic with worry about Aaron, who is not guaranteed to recover, but he has the weight of what he did with Gareth on his shoulders.

Freya makes sure she says all the right things to him to calm him down. She reminds David that there was no way that Gareth would have survived his injuries, but this does not help David, who knows that he did not even try. Will he be able to move past it?

2. Amy grows concerned about Ned

While almost everyone is back home safe and sound from River Bend, Ned and Harlow remain missing and concern starts to grow for them back on Ramsay Street.

Amy, who had just told Ned how she feels about him as he set off, is the most concerned and she ropes Toadie into heading out to the site to see if they can track them down.

As they head off, they have no idea that things are about to get very interesting between Ned and Harlow…

3. Will Aaron survive?

Not only does David have the weight of his actions on his shoulders, but the concern of Aaron is about to be heightened when he takes a turn for the worst.

With Aaron already in a bad way, the doctors are concerned about how badly injured he is. That concern proves valid when he takes a sharp turn for the worst, and they have no choice but to rush him in for emergency surgery.

Will Aaron pull through, or is David’s nightmare only just beginning?

4. Ned and Harlow grow closer

The saga of River Bend is not over for all of the Ramsay Street residents and two members of the party have not returned home – Ned and Harlow.

While Amy and Toadie search for them, Ned and Harlow are looking for shelter and find some at a waterfall. But while resting up, the spark that has been developing between them really ignites and they find themselves on the verge of giving in to passion.

Will they go all the way, or will Amy find them first?

5. Jane has to deal with a problem student

Zara is no longer top of the troubled students list at Erinsborough High – that honour now falls on Aubrey. Aubrey’s grandmother Shannon asks for home schooling assistance for her, and Jane is surprised when Zara gives her the push to go ahead with it.

But it does not take long for Jane to realise what she has got herself in for when Aubrey’s carelessness starts to cause problems. Is there any hope for Aubrey to be redeemed?

6. Ned is torn between Amy and Harlow

After growing closer to Harlow than he had planned to, Ned’s head is in a spin and that is not helped when Amy doubles down on her desire to win him back.

Not knowing what to do and with Amy wanting an answer, Ned confides in Kyle and tells him all about what happened with Harlow – and how adamant she is that he not reunite with Amy.

Soon, Ned and Amy share a kiss and it looks like they are officially back on, but Ned is unable to get Harlow out of his mind…

7. Aaron learns the truth about Dean

Before Aaron’s beating, he and David were at loggerheads over Dean, a staff member at the hospital who David was confiding in about their problems. When Dean made a move, David realised Aaron was right but has not had the chance to speak to his husband about it.

Unfortunately for David, he does not get the chance to as Dean takes it upon himself to tell Aaron about the near kiss, and he leaves David furious as a result.

8. Glen tells Terese about Kiri

Glen has a big secret that he is keen to keep to himself – Kiri, the girl they met at River Bend is his daughter.

Terese, who has been noticing that something is amiss with her housemate, starts to press him to find out what he is hiding, and he admits the truth, while adding that Kiri has no idea who he actually is.

He is adamant that keeping the truth from her is the best thing for everyone, but will he be able to resist the urge he has to be her father?

9. David makes a new enemy

Just when it looked like things could not possibly get worse for David after all that has happened, he now finds himself with an enemy. David is not able to hide his fury when Dean goes behind his back, and he makes it clear that he plans to report him for behaving unprofessionally.

Dean insists that he only spoke to Aaron with good intentions, but David will not hear it and it looks as though this friendship is about to turn nasty.

Will David be able to handle more stress, and will he and Aaron be able to work through their issues?

10. Freya grows concerned over her secret

Freya has been trying to keep everything under control after the events that led to Gareth’s death, but her big worry is David, who is not coping with all the pressure that he is under.

Freya is also rattled when she hears that the coronial investigation into Gareth’s death isn’t over and that both she and David will need to go through another interview about it.

Will they both be able to keep their heads, or is the truth about how Gareth died about to come to light?