10 huge Neighbours spoilers for next week

What’s next on Ramsay Street?

Next week on Neighbours, lives are on the line and truths come out for the residents of Ramsay Street – the horror of River Bend is about to get under way.

Here are 10 Neighbours spoilers to look forward to next week.

1. David is furious with Aaron

David is stunned and angry when he has to drag Aaron away from Dean when the two come to blows, and now their marriage is in a worse state than it already was.

Both men are at an impasse, and they soon decide that some space is on the agenda, with Aaron heading off to River Bend with everyone else while David stays home.

As the pair part on uneasy terms, they have no idea that things are about to get much worse…

2. Levi confronts his feelings for Freya

Levi and Freya have been spending more time together than ever of late, and it is clear that the spark between them is far from being extinguished.

This does not go unnoticed by those around them, with Chloe and Ned both picking up on the signs.

Ned decides to have a chat with Levi, who admits that things are complicated and he does still have feelings for her. The talk is interrupted by a phone call – Levi now has a lead on Gareth.

3. Ned and Harlow head on a stake-out

With Levi too busy at work to follow up on the lead on the potential whereabouts of the elusive Gareth, Ned offers to head to the caravan park for him to see if he can find anything out.

Harlow insists on going with him, and the chemistry between the two is certainly on show as they patiently wait until they catch a glimpse of Gareth.

They are soon rumbled following him, and Gareth takes them into his caravan to tell them his side of what has been going on. What Ned and Harlow learn shocks them, and turns Freya’s entire story on its head.

4. Roxy gets an exciting offer

Roxy has set her heart on her and Kyle starting a family, but Terese throws a spanner in the works when she approaches her with an offer that could be the break she has been looking for.

With Montana Marcel’s Fashion Week potentially being hosted by Lassiters, Terese thinks that Roxy would be the perfect person to have on the team to help the event be a success.

Roxy is quick to turn the offer down as she wants to put her family first, which concerns Kyle. As he debates whether to push her to take the job, is Roxy actually hiding the real reason she does not want to be involved?

5. Is Terese after Paul’s money?

It is officially the end of the road for Paul and Terese, and divorce proceedings have already got under way. But Paul is rattled when he hears that Terese’s lawyer is making a push to get hold of his assets, and he is quick to warn Terese that he is ready to put up a fight.

Terese is insistent that she was against going for Paul’s money and that her lawyer acted without her consent. Will Paul believe her, or is this divorce set to get messy, and potentially nasty?

6. Levi is rattled by news about Freya

Levi is stunned when he hears Gareth’s side of the Freya story from Ned and Harlow.

They tell him that there were never any corrupt cops and that Gareth went into hiding to get away from Freya, who he claims has been relentlessly stalking him.

Levi does not want to believe that he has been lied to about the whole situation, but doubts keep creeping in and as they head off on holiday, there is an air of tension that Freya can’t help but notice…

7. Dean shows his true colours

With Aaron off on holiday with the rest of the River Bend gang, David opts to throw himself into work, and it is not long into his shift before Dean approaches him for a chat.

But talking is the last thing on Dean’s mind and he stuns David by moving in for a kiss, which David is quick to back away from.

David is left furious at Dean’s move, which proves that Aaron was right about his agenda the whole time. But will David be able to make amends with his husband?

8. Nicolette finds holiday romance

Arriving at River Bend, Nicolette is instantly smitten with their guide for the mini-break, Kiri. Adopting the holiday persona of Nicky, she sets her sights on winning her over, and it is not long before sparks are flying between the pair.

Watching on is Glen, who seems uneasy around Kiri from the moment they meet – something that does not go unnoticed by Nicolette. What is Glen hiding, and is love in the air for Nicolette?

9. Gareth makes a dramatic arrival at River Bend

Levi decides he needs to clear his head after a bitter argument with Freya, where he tells her everything he learned from Ned and Harlow.

While alone, Levi realises that there is much more to the story than meets the eye when Gareth makes an appearance brandishing a gun in his direction.

Things soon escalate and Levi is able to make a run for it, but not before Gareth fires off a couple of shots. One takes Levi down – and Freya is Gareth’s next target.

10. A trip away turns into the holiday from hell

With Levi injured and desperately trying to get to a captured Freya, she finds herself held hostage by Gareth on the bus – and driving out of River Bend.

The escape is not a smooth one for Gareth and he soon finds that they are not alone, which has devastating consequences for one Ramsay Street resident.

Meanwhile, the others are searching for their missing friends, while David and Amy are unwittingly driving into danger. But for some of them, life will never be the same again…