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Home and Away to revisit Marilyn’s big storyline after Summer Bay return

She confides in Irene and Logan.

Home and Away’s Marilyn Chambers seeks further help from Dr Logan Bennett on UK screens next week.

Marilyn approaches Logan for answers amid fears that she’s relapsing following her return to Summer Bay.

Earlier this year, viewers saw Marilyn’s personality change as a consequence of her involvement in the gas attack at Salt.

She later took time away from the Bay and appeared to be back to her old self when she eventually returned.

In next week’s episodes on Channel 5, Marilyn surprises her friend Roo Stewart by repeatedly snapping at her.

When Roo then sees Marilyn dropping some plates while working at the Diner, she starts to wonder if her problems are bigger than just a bad mood.

Roo’s suspicions are confirmed when she spots Marilyn rifling through a bin at the caravan park for seemingly no reason.

Marilyn is defensive when Roo voices the possibility that she’s experiencing a relapse. She reluctantly agrees to see Logan at Mackenzie Booth’s apartment, but fails to take the meeting seriously enough and makes excuses to leave almost straight away.

As Marilyn starts to lose patience with Roo’s ongoing concern, Irene Roberts decides to step in and take a different approach.

Irene invites Marilyn around for dinner and offers to simply listen to her problems.

Marilyn opens up over the difficult situation she’s in, before finally returning to see Logan for a second time.

Logan advises Marilyn that she probably doesn’t have much to worry about, as she may just need a medication change.

Marilyn admits that she hasn’t been taking her medication at all, as she threw it out when she started feeling embarrassed about being dependent on it to function.

Can Logan get Marilyn the help she needs?