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Home and Away star Emily Weir discusses possible new direction for Mac

Home and Away spoilers follow.

Home and Away’s Emily Weir has pondered what her character Mackenzie Booth might do if she loses Salt.

As fans who’ve kept up to speed with the show’s comings and goings will know, Mackenzie’s restaurant plays host to illegal poker nights these days, in the hope of attracting high-rollers and clearing her debt.

Speaking to Inside Soap, Weir teased how things will get “dangerous”.

“It affects all pockets of the Bay. All the storylines intersect with the build-up and fallout. Essentially it all begins with Mackenzie’s debt, so it takes the Bay by storm. For many people there’s a lot coming up in terms of their wellbeing and relationships,” she said.

On Salt’s precarious situation, the self-confessed Carla Bonner fangirl went on: “For most characters, their job isn’t the first thing you associate with them. But for Mackenzie, Salt is very much part of her identity and her grounding – it’s who she is.

“Salt is her domain, it’s where she thrives, you see her there more than anywhere else.”

Even if her pride and joy was to be closed down, Weir believes Mac would survive in any line of work.

“It would be hilarious to see her in the Bait Shop, or even at the gym,” she hypothesised.

“Mackenzie’s a woman who can adapt and thrive anywhere. Imagine if she went into the garage – she’d stroll in wearing heels and overalls!”

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