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Home and Away Spoilers – Xander’s lie lands him in hot water

Coming up next week on Home and Away in the UK, Xander lies to a patient to keep her calm, but soon finds himself being blamed for her friend’s death.

The Delaney siblings are all on hand to assist this week following a fatal car accident, but Xander (Luke Van Os) finds himself getting too close to one of the drivers.

Rose (Kirsty Marillier) and Xander have only just made the decision to move to Summer Bay, following the discovery of their sister Jasmine (Sam Frost). Whilst police officer Rose was able to quickly get a transfer to Yabbie Creek approved, Xander is still on the lookout for a paramedic position.

With none available in Yabbie Creek, Jasmine asked Logan (Harley Bonner) for advice, and he checked with former colleagues of his based at the Reefton Lakes ambulance station. Whilst there was still no joy for Xander, Logan did put in a good word for him.

Despite this, Xander and Jasmine decided to pay a visit to Reefton Lakes anyway, only to come across a serious accident en-route. Whilst Xander went to assist the driver of one car, Millie Hudson (Zara Zoe), Jasmine was surprised to find Logan behind the wheel of the other car.

As we rejoin the action next week, Logan doesn’t remember what caused the accident, and is keen to help as Jasmine warns him to remain still.

Meanwhile, Millie starts panicking about her friend Jo, who was a passenger in her car and left a short while ago to get help.

Xander goes searching, but sadly comes across Jo’s body a short distance from the crash site, her death being the result of a traumatic brain injury.

Rose and Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) arrive on the scene, and Xander is forced to keep the truth from Millie about her best friend’s death in order to keep her calm, instead telling her that Jo is being looked after.

He soon has another thing to worry about—Millie is tachycardic and struggles to breath, and Xander realises that she has a tracheal deviation.

Hearing that the ambulance is still 20 minutes away, Xander has no option but to perform a surgical procedure on Millie in order to release the trapped air.

When local paramedic, also called Jo (Katie Horky), arrives on the scene, she’s impressed with Xander’s work.

As Millie is loaded into the ambulance, Millie again asks Xander about her friend, but he still can’t bring himself to tell her that she’s dead, and instead assures her that Jo is being taken care of.

But Xander can’t let it go and heads to the hospital. He’s upset that no-one has yet told Millie the truth, but Rose warns him that Jo’s next-of-kin are yet to be informed.

After Cash and Rose go to inform Jo’s family, Xander takes it on himself to tell a devastated Millie that Jo is dead. It clearly has a huge effect on Xander, when Logan witnesses him vomiting after leaving Millie’s room.

The next day Logan talks with Millie, and it becomes clear that neither of them remember the accident. Cash has said that the accident looks to be down to driver error, but the question is, which one?

When Xander returns again, he’s surprised when Millie turns on him—he promised to look after Jo, it’s his fault that she’s dead!

Has Xander’s attempts to help only made things worse for Millie?

Elsewhere in Summer Bay, Mackenzie (Emily Weir) realises that she’s out of her depth when she’s put in an impossible situation by the mysterious PK (Ryan Johnson).

Having now run three illegal poker nights at Salt, in an attempt to clear her business debts, Mac has made a deal with the devil after agreeing to host an exclusive event for PK and his friends.

It was regular player Nathan (Ryan Panizza) who had introduced Mac to PK, who wanted in on their third event. Whilst Mac told him that all the places had been filled, she was swayed when he told her she could name her own price.

After a successful evening, PK made Mac an offer she couldn’t refuse—a single table event, with a $5000 buy in.

Felicity (Jacqui Purvis), who has been hosting the evenings, was wary, but reluctantly agreed after Mac pointed out that the one event could generate $50,000 and wipe Mac’s debts entirely.

This week, preparations are underway when Mac drops the news to Flick that Ryder (Lukas Radovich) has now left. Flick wonders how they’ll cope, but Mac states that she can look after the bar, given that she knows nothing about poker anyway.

When PK comes in to talk with Mac, he’s clear he doesn’t want Flick in on the conversation, and Mac has no option but to send her away. It’s then that PK makes an unexpected request—he doesn’t want Flick at the poker night, being the sister of a copper.

Mac assures PK that there’s never been any trouble, and states that Flick is the only one with the knowhow to host the event, but when PK threatens to take his custom to another venue, Mac realises she has no choice—she’s going to have to run the evening herself!

Flick panics when she learns that she’s been cut out, telling Tane (Ethan Browne) that she knows PK is up to no good.

After confronting PK who denies he’s playing games, Flick decides to try and use her brother’s occupation to her advantage by asking him to run a check on PK. Cash points out that he can’t just run random checks at his leisure, particularly with only two initials to go on. Overhearing the request does pique Rose’s interest though…

As the event begins that evening, Flick has been able to send Tane and Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) along to keep an eye on things, but she’s still got a bad feeling about what’s going to go down. Realising she can’t let Mac go through it on her own, she goes to leave the Parata house… only to find Nathan blocking her exit, with a heavy, Barry (Trent Johansen), in tow. Flick is going nowhere!

At Salt, the proceedings come to a close and it seems Mac has managed to pull it off. But it’s only then that PK drops a bombshell—the house has lost the game, and she actually owes the players a total of $100,000!

Mac is gobsmacked as PK then assures her that he’s taken care of the debt on her behalf, so the only person she owes money to is him.

Mac doesn’t understand how it happened, but PK tells her not to worry as he suggests an alternative way to clear her debt to him, handing her a card with the address of his hotel.

With Tane having gone home on request of a text from Flick, Mac is only able to confide in Ziggy, who tells her she can’t go through with what PK is suggesting. Mac assures her that she’ll be able to sort it out and sends her home.

But later that evening, Mac rocks up to PK’s hotel room… is she about to make a huge mistake?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK:
Monday 13th June (Episode 7786)

Xander delivers an awful truth to Millie. Justin is wounded by Theo’s secrecy.

Tuesday 14th June (Episode 7787)

Ryder chooses the adventure of a lifetime. Nikau reads Chloe’s disturbing diary. Is Xander getting too close to a patient?

Wednesday 15th June (Episode 7788)

Ryder’s farewell party turns vicious. Theo’s heart thaws for Chloe. Martha romances Alf.

Thursday 16th June (Episode 7789)

PK gives Mackenzie an ultimatum. Felicity won’t take orders from a stranger. Is Martha avoiding her health troubles?

Friday 17th June (Episode 7790)

Rose is concerned for Xander. PK suggests a sickening repayment plan. Felicity becomes a captive in her own house.