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Home and Away spoilers: Will Nikau Parata lose his job

Nikau Parata gets kicked out of the Surf Club on Home and Away

Airs Friday 18 February 2022 at 1:15pm on Channel 5.

Nikau Parata (played by Kawakawa Fox-Reo) fears his career as a surf lifesaver could be short-lived on Home and Away.

Nikau has been left looking like a fool, after Theo Poulos (Matt Evans) stole the Polaris surf vehicle from right under his nose!

Nikau is on the warpath…

So when he runs into Theo at the Surf Club, things get heated between the fellas!

Unfortunately, Surf Club boss, John Palmer (Shane Withington) catches Nikau starting a fight with Theo.

Nikau gets kicked out of the Surf Club!

Will Nikau’s first day on the job also be his last?

Theo is in BIG trouble after his latest prank on Home and Away

Meanwhile, Theo feels the heat after his crime.

Surf Club boss, John theatens to report Theo to the police!

While Justin Morgan (James Stewart) has to lay down the law (again!) after Theo’s latest bad behaviour.

However, Ryder Jackson (Lukas Radovich) can’t believe his luck when he witnesses his now ex-friend, Theo in a whole lot of trouble.

Ryder can’t resist filming Theo’s humiliation on his phone!

After John puts Theo to work at the Surf Club to make up for his actions, Theo apologises for everything he has done.

John is surprised to see Theo has suddenly changed his tune.

But is Theo really sorry for his actions?

Or does he have more mischief planned?

There’s more bad news about Martha for Alf and Roo on Home and Away

Alf Stewart (Ray Meagher) and his daughter Roo (Georgie Parker) are ready to welcome Martha (Belinda Giblin) back to Summer Bay House where she can have home dialysis.

But there’s a whole lot of stuff to think about.

Alf declares he doesn’t care about any of the challenges, including the extra expense.

He just doesn’t want his wife, Martha to have to spend any more time in a hospital bed.

But before Martha can be brought back home, her condition takes a turn for the worse…

Is Martha strong enough to hold on for the kidney transplant?