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Home and Away spoilers: WHY is Mackenzie Booth HEARTBROKEN?

Mackenzie Booth is devastated when she hears the tragic news about her ex, Ari on Home and Away...

Airs Wednesday 13 April 2022 at 1:15pm on Channel 5.

Mackenzie Booth (played by Emily Weir) is devastated when the news about Ari Parata and Mia Anderson’s (Anna Samson) tragic wedding day reaches her on Home and Away (1:15pm – see our TV Guide for listings)

Mackenzie’s boyfriend, Logan Bennett (Harley Bonner) is shocked to discover that Mackenzie had a romantic history with Ari.

Mackenzie attempts to put a brave face on and doesn’t seem to want to talk about Ari.

However, when Logan discovers restaurant boss, Mackenzie crying in the store room at Salt, he gently pushes her to talk to him about what’s going on.

Mackenzie eventually lets her defences down and reveals all about her and Ari’s past romance.

Can Logan, who was present during Ari and Mia’s last-minute hospital wedding, help Mackenzie through her grief?

Logan discovers the truth about Mackenzie and Ari’s past romance on Home and Away.

Meanwhile, Ziggy Astoni (Sophie Dillman) and her boyfriend, Dean Thompson (Patrick O’Connor) are loving having the farmhouse back to themselves.

After Dean played cupid for his mum, Karen and her boyfriend, Brett Maloney, the reunited couple announced they were gonna move in together at Brett’s place back in Reefton Lakes.

But their happy bubble is burst when Dean gets a shocking call from Bella Nixon (Courtney Miller).

An emotional Dean lashes out at hospital doctor, Logan for not doing more to save Ari.

How can Ari really be gone?

Dean struggles with the reality that his one-time prison cellmate and friend, Ari, is really gone.

WHAT can Ziggy do to stop Dean from spiralling?

Dean and Ziggy’s happiness is about to be cut short on Home and Away…

Ryder Jackson (Lukas Radovich) and his granddad, Alf Stewart (Ray Meagher) have finally made peace after their big family fallout.

Ryder has moved back into the family home and has exciting news… he’s graduated from his hospitality management course at TAFE.


Alf suggests a family lunch at home to celebrate.

However, the celebrations are overshadowed by the news about Ari.

Theo Poulos (Matt Evans) encourages Ryder to reach out to his ex-girlfriend, Chloe Anderson (Sam Barrett) after the wedding day tragedy.

Ari was like a father to Chloe.

Ryder reaches out to Chloe but struggles to know the right way to help the Parata family during their darkest hours…

Ryder has some exciting news for Theo on Home and Away.