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Home and Away spoilers: ROMANCE for Tane Parata and Felicity?

Things HOT up between Tane Parata and Felicity on today's episode of Home and Away

Airs Thursday 10 February 2022 at 1:15pm on Channel 5.

Tane Parata (played by Ethan Browne) and Felicity Newman (Jacqui Purvis) are still dealing with the aftermath of their nightmare ordeal at the hands of distubed Anne Sherman on Home and Away

Felicity’s protective policeman brother, Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) remains worried that she is bottling up her emotions after the kidnapping.

After what happened in the past, with Felicity’s mental health breakdown, Cash is worried that history could repeat itself.

So much to Felicity’s surprise, Cash encourages her to share her feelings with Tane.

Previously, Cash has done everything he can to keep the pair apart!

Tane and Felicity are still treading carefully around what their relationship is right now.

Should they remain just good friends… or become something more?

When Felicity and Tane catch-up on the beach, it soon becomes clear they can’t resist the chemistry between them any longer!

Chloe discovers Matthew’s true identity on Home and Away

Chloe Anderson (Sam Barrett) is getting ready for another night shift packing-up orders for the catering business she runs with her ex-boyfriend, Ryder Jackson (Lukas Radovich).

Chloe is not impressed when Ryder calls in sick because of his injuries from the firewalking challenge.

However, Chloe finds she has company in the shape of Matthew Montgomery (James Sweeny).

Although they have bumped into each other around the Bay, Chloe still has no idea that Matthew is her long-lost dad!

Chloe is ready to lock-up the Diner and encourages Matthew to leave.

But he seems keen to stick around and keep her company.

Chloe starts to get the creeps, realising she is now alone with this mystery stranger.

Matthew realises he is making Chloe nervous and quickly explains the REAL reason he wants to get to know her better.

How will Chloe react when she realises she is face-to-face with her dad?

Is this the end of Ryder and Theo’s short-lived friendship on Home and Away?

Ryder is still reeling from the revelation that his ex-girlfriend Chloe shared a kiss with Theo Poulos (Matt Evans).

Ryder had his suspicions about Theo the moment he sensed the lad was sniffing around Chloe.

And now he’s been proved right!

Theo somehow thinks the situation will just blow over.

But he’s in for a rude awakening when Ryder visits the Morgan house to make it clear that their video challenges and their friendship are both over…