Home and Away

Home and Away spoilers: Mackenzie shocks Logan by inviting his ex to move in with them

Logan (Harley Bonner) has recently been left stunned after his ex-girlfriend, Neve (Sophie Bloom), showed up out of the blue. Claiming to have been looking for him since deserting the army in her position as a medic but being forced to remain underground, Logan has to reconcile the fact that Neve isn’t dead as he suspected – but very much alive, and still in love with him.

After Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) caught the pair kissing on the Pier and got Dean (Patrick O’Connor) involved, Logan is under pressure to tell Mackenzie (Emily Weir) the truth. Dean strikes up a conversation with Neve in Salt, and although she isn’t interested, her ears prick up when Dean points out that Mackenzie is the bar manager – and Logan’s girlfriend.

Neve quickly realises she made a mistake by kissing Logan and decides to leave. However, Logan begs her to stay, and when she refuses, he threatens to report her whereabouts to the Department of Defence so she would be captured on desertion charges. However, one person isn’t too keen to discover Neve will be sticking around – Mackenzie.

Logan downplays the situation, but Mackenzie still sees Neve as a threat – especially after her experience with Ari when Mia came to town. What’s more, she knows she can’t compete with a medically accomplished war hero like her boyfriend. Her upset is heightened when Logan realises Neve ran off, and he goes after her. Why is her boyfriend rushing after another woman?

Later, Neve apologises to Mackenzie for the confusion, and the kiss. Mackenzie is outraged – what kiss?!

However, when she confides in Bella (Courtney Miller) afterwards, she says she needs to remain in control of the situation. When Logan and Neve get back to the apartment, Mackenzie unveils her plan to keep her eye on everyone – why doesn’t Neve move in with them?