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Home and Away spoilers: Logan Bennett meets a MYSTERY woman!

Is Logan Bennett cheating on girlfriend Mackenzie with a MYSTERY woman on Home and Away?

Airs Thursday 10 March 2022 at 1:15pm on Channel 5.

The romance is definitely back ON for Logan Bennett (played by Harley Bonner) and his girlfriend, Mackenzie Booth (Emily Weir) on Home and Away (1:15pm – see our TV Guide for listings).

The couple previously had a bust-up over whether or not to live together.

But now that Logan has moved into the Pier Apartment, the spark is back in their romance!

On today’s episode of the Aussie soap, Logan surprises Mackenzie with a candle lit dinner on the pier.

Everything is perfect.

Or is it?

The next day, after receiving a mysterious message, Logan heads to the park in search of someone.

WHO is the MYSTERY woman that Logan meets?

There’s a blast from the past for Logan on today’s episode of Home and Away

The Parata family has closed ranks after the arrest of Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) in connection with the murder of Matthew Montgomery.

The family all know that Ari is really innocent and confessed to the crime to protect Matthew’s real killer, his own daughter, Chloe Anderson (Sam Barrett)!

Tane (Ethan Browne) has forbid them to gossip about Ari’s arrest around town.

However, a frustrated Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) shares his fears about Ari being sent to prison with his girlfriend, Bella Nixon (Courtney Miller).

Nikau announces to Surf Club boss, John Palmer (Shane Withington) that he needs to cutback on his lifesaver shifts.

But he won’t say why.

It’s not long before the locals become suspicious that something is going on with the Parata family.

Pretty soon, they are all able to read about it when the latest issue of The Coastal News is published…

Ari’s arrest becomes talk of the town on Home and Away

Felicity Newman (Jacqui Purvis) sees her boyfriend, Tane confiding in his ex-girlfriend, Ziggy Astoni (Sophie Dillman) down at the beach.

Felicity wonders what is going on?

WHY is Tane confiding in Ziggy and not her?

Felicity seeks advice from Ziggy on how she can go about helping Tane, even when he has asked for some space.

Will Tane let Felicity in on what’s really going on?

Or has their relationship already run into serious trouble?

Felicity wants to support Tane on Home and Away.