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Home and Away Spoilers – Flick and Mac clash over noisy new arrivals.What happened to Tane?

Next week on Home and Away in the UK, as four new characters arrive in Summer Bay, Flick believes they could be the key to turning Salt around… can Mac be convinced?

As this week comes to a close, it seems that Mackenzie (Emily Weir) is out of options as she finally puts Salt up for sale.

Having managed to dodge a prison sentence for the illegal poker nights, Mac has been left in more debt than ever—and whilst she did receive a very generous offer from a potential investor, Mac ultimately realised that she couldn’t relinquish the majority of control in her business to a complete stranger.

After helping erect the ‘for sale’ sign at Salt, employee Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) suddenly had an epiphany, and quickly got on the phone to brother Cash (Nicholas Cartwright).

As we return to the action next week, Flick reveals to Cash that she wants to use her half of their father’s inheritance to invest in Salt. Whilst Cash is supportive, it’s her money after all, he does point out that it would take every single cent that her father had left her—is she sure she wants to take that risk?

Flick knows she can help turn Salt around, but is annoyed when her proposal to buy into Salt as an equal partner is flat out refused by Mac, who tries to explain that it’s nothing personal.

When Cash talks to Mac himself later on, he tells her about the inheritance and points out that Flick’s willingness to invest shows that she truly believes they can save the business together, if Mac will just give her that chance.

Mac calls Flick back to Salt and apologises for shutting her down—she was simply being cautious, as having lost all her own money, she didn’t want the same to happen to Flick.

But having thought things over carefully, Mac tells Flick that she’s willing to accept her offer. She suggests that Flick take some time to think it through, but Mac doesn’t have time to finish before Flick screams yes! Cash and Tane (Ethan Browne) join the pair in toasting their new partnership.

Later in the week, after returning from a couple of days in the city where they’ve finalised Flick becoming co-owner, Flick is in bed with Tane (naturally) when they hear a strange noise coming from outside.

Tane thinks he’s imagining it, but then they hear it again—it’s music.

As Flick listens, it suddenly dawns on her what’s happening, and she rushes outside to find a spontaneous concert being performed at the end of their driveway!

The band, Lyrik, are in fact Flick’s friends from the city, who she’d spent some time with whilst down there the night before.

Flick had told them to drop by if they were ever in the area, but she certainly didn’t think it would be the very next day!

Flick explains all to a befuddled Tane and introduces them, but he’s surprised when he later returns home after work to find the band have completely taken over his living room, Flick having invited them to stay the night!

Meanwhile, Flick is already finding it difficult to work with Mac as an equal partner, as her suggestions for a revamp continue to get shot down.

The arrival of Lyrik gives Flick an idea, and introducing Mac to the band, she states that she’d like them to play a band night at Salt to help turn the struggling restaurant around!

Mac looks distinctly unimpressed… is the new partnership doomed to fail?

Who are Lyrik?

The band are old friends of Flick’s from the city, having met her around four years ago when they were the house band at a bar she worked at.

Bob Forsyth (Rob Mallett) is Lyrik’s lead singer, who has big plans for the band. Whilst he’s happy to visit Flick in Summer Bay, he certainly doesn’t think the sleepy town is deserving of their music, and it soon becomes obvious that Bob’s attitude is causing some friction in the group…

Rob was able to sum up his character very swiftly, telling Australian magazine TV Week “Bob wants it all; fame, glory, and artistic integrity.”

Kirby Aramoana (Angelina Thomson) is the keyboard player, and also Bob’s girlfriend, a development which came as a surprise to Flick. Their relationship can only be described as rocky, with Kirby often caught in the middle of Bob and the rest of the band.

“In a sense, she is like the ocean…” Angelina told TV Week. “Wild, passionate, playful, creative, effervescent and simultaneously calm and loving.”

Lead guitarist is Remi Carter (Adam Rowland), best mate and constant tease of bass player Eden Fowler (Stephanie Panozzo).

“Remi Carter is the quintessential Australian larrikin,” Adam said. “He enjoys a good time and stirring the pot but is loyal to his friends and family.”

Of her character, Stephanie added “Eden is a wild child, full of fire and fun. She is fiercely loyal, speaks her mind and her greatest loves are music and her friends and family.”

What happened to Tane?

You may wonder why Tane suddenly appears with a sling in Monday’s episode, having apparently been fine last time we saw him!

This was actually the result of actor Ethan Browne having surgery on his arm, after injuring himself back in January.

Due to the sudden nature, it only gets addressed briefly when Mac asks Tane what happened, with him replying “Oh, it’s nothing…”