Home and Away

Home and Away spoilers: Chloe commits murder in life-changing scenes

Mia (Anna Samson) has reached breaking point after seeing Chloe (Sam Barrett) become closer with her biological father, Matthew (James Sweeny). When he begins talking about her going to business school, he suggests that she move in with him in the city. Mia is horrified to learn that her daughter is planning to go and live with the man who assaulted her when she was younger.

Mia realises the only option is to tell Chloe the truth. She sits her daughter down and reveals the truth about why she hates Matthew. The night of her conception, Matthew took advantage of her, and she doesn’t remember what happened. Chloe is left reeling, then becomes angry and asks why Mia let her live a lie. She storms away and tells Bella (Courtney Miller) and Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) the update, questioning why Mia kept this from her. When she realises Mia was trying to protect her, she becomes disgusted with herself – how could she have put her parents through this? Now Matthew has become a fixture in their lives.

Chloe begins ignoring Matthew’s calls, but it isn’t long before he has a problem with it. During her shift in the Diner, Matthew shows up to confront her. However, Chloe stands her ground and says she knows the truth about what he did to Mia – so Matthew needs to get out of their lives. However, Matthew is adamant that Mia has got it all wrong and he wants only the best for Chloe.

Unfortunately, Matthew refuses to accept Chloe’s rejection and shows up at the house. He demands that Chloe gives him a chance, but she is insistent – he needs to leave. Mia arrives and tries to calm the situation down, but Matthew becomes enraged and grabs Mia, saying she has been spreading lies in a plot to steal Chloe from him.

Chloe is alarmed and desperate to defend her mother, so grabs the first thing to hand – a brick – and smacks Matthew over the head. He falls to the ground unconscious, and the two women are left stunned. Mia checks his pulse, but fails to find one. They then begin to panic, and they bundle Matthew’s body into the back of his car.

Mia tells Chloe to go inside and keep everything quiet – she will handle it from her. Chloe silently agrees, shaking with shock, and walks to the sofa in a daze. Meanwhile, Mia steels herself for the task ahead and drives away.

But as she speeds down the road out of the Bay, Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) catches sight of the vehicle and begins to follow it…