Home and Away

Home and Away spoilers: Alf Stewart is alarmed by an UNEXPECTED visitor

Alf Stewart is shocked when he discovers his wife Martha is making funeral arrangements on Home and Away

Airs Monday 21 February 2022 at 1:15pm on Channel 5.

Alf Stewart (played by Ray Meagher) is afraid that hope is fading fast for his wife, Martha (Belinda Giblin) on Home and Away …

Martha needs a kidney transplant if she is to survive.

The couple’s daughter, Roo (Georgie Parker) is being tested to see if she is a transplant match for her mum.

But Martha remains in a weakened state in hospital and may not hold on long enough for a kidney donor to be found.

Alf is alarmed when a Father Neil (Matt Abercromby) visits Martha at the hospital.

Martha begins talking about her funeral arrangements and Alf is left afraid that his wife has all but given up…

Justin has a present for Theo on Home and Away

Justin Morgan (James Stewart) knows it’s his responsibilty to keep his girlfriend Leah Patterson’s (Ada Nicodemou) nephew, Theo Poulos (Matt Evans) on the straight and narrow while Leah is away in Cyprus.

Theo is still in the bad books after that prank he pulled, stealing the Surf Club vehicle and going for a joyride.

Justin decides to try and distract Theo from his obession with making prank videos.

But will Theo embrace Justin’s idea, when Justin buys him a surf board and encourages the lad to take up surfing?

Will Marilyn withdrawn her complaint against Logan on Home and Away

Logan Bennett’s (Harley Bonner) fate is still hanging in the balance as he awaits the medical tribunal.

Marilyn Chambers (Emily Symons) made an official complaint against hospital doctor, Logan in the aftermath of her mystery collapse after the toxic chemicals nightmare.

Marilyn and Logan appear to have now called a ceasefire since he has been helping her with her recovery.

When it comes time for Marilyn to be discharged from the hospital, she thanks Logan for his help and wishes him luck with the tribunal.

Shouldn’t this be the moment that Marilyn withdraws her complaint to save Logan from a whole lot of trouble?

Or maybe that is asking too much?