Home and Away

Home and Away spoiler: Xander receives some bad news

He shares his setback with Jasmine.

Episode 7784

UK airdate: Thursday 09 June 2022 at 13:15 on Channel 5 and 18:00 on 5STAR

Australian airdate: Tuesday 03 May 2022 at 19:00 on Channel 7

An upbeat Jasmine encourages Xander to run off the nerves for his job interview. Jasmine assures Xander he has got it in the bag, being the ultimate supportive big sister. Doubts still plague Xander.

Later, Xander returns home from the interview, buzzing and sure that he nailed it. Determined to be the proactive big sister, Jasmine looks for rentals for Xander and Rose in Summer Bay. Jasmine is feeling good about the siblings’ decision to stay. Anticipating success, Jasmine cracks the champagne to celebrate Xander’s interview going well, but he arrives with bad news – he didn’t get the job.

Meanwhile, Cash and Rose clash over policing principles. Rose is strict and by the book, while Cash is lenient. Pulling rank, Cash lets Alf off for the minor speeding offence out of compassion. Infuriated, Rose thinks it’s one rule for Cash’s mates and another for everyone else. Cash argues that local policing is about discretion, assessing on a case by case basis.

Later, Rose makes peace with Cash by bringing coffee. He returns the favour by jokingly handing her a load of paperwork. Rose appreciates the good humour, ready to give small town policing a crack.

Elsewhere, a text from his mum about an ‘opportunity’ leads to Ryder’s excitement about a job on a cruise ship. There’s even a casino floor on the ship. Desperate to consult with someone, Ryder grabs an unsuspecting Dean during lunch for his opinion. It’s a dream job on a cruise ship, but it starts next week. He also worries about abandoning Alf and Roo when Martha is unwell. Dean encourages Ryder to take the leap.

Also today, Leah fills Irene in on Dimitri – he got a good behaviour bond for two years and anger management treatment. Later, Theo receives bad news when he gets an unexpected call from TAFE – he forgot to submit an assignment and will receive an automatic fail.

Unable to concentrate on work, and flustered by the news, Theo rushes out mid-shift. Theo confides in Ryder, who suggests he appeal the TAFE fail. Theo seems crushed, beating himself up over his mistake. Confronted by Ziggy, Theo admits his failure. Despondently, he announces his plans to drop out of the apprenticeship.

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