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Home and Away spoiler: Ryder makes a big new decision

Monday 14 February 2022 at 13:15 on Channel 5 and 18:00 on 5STAR

Ryder confronts Chloe about kissing Theo. Chloe points out they weren’t even together when it happened and Theo was the one who kissed her. She argues that her relationship with Ryder is strictly professional, which means he doesn’t get a say in the rest of her life.

Chloe is eager to spend time with Matthew

Later, Ryder takes Chloe to task for cancelling the previous night’s catering orders. Another argument erupts, but this time in front of Matthew. Chloe gives Ryder as good as she gets, but Matthew doesn’t like seeing his daughter under fire, so he calmly steps in and tells Ryder to settle down. Chloe explains that Matthew is her dad.

Later, Chloe summons Ryder for a meeting. Cold and businesslike, she hands him a cheque for her half of the money they owe, which means she has paid off her share of their debt. Next, she asks to buy out his share of the catering business. She wants to sever all ties, and Ryder is gutted. He tells her she can have the business and he doesn’t want any money for it.

Meanwhile, Alf returns from the city unexpectedly, flipping Marilyn’s mood. The sight of Mr Stewart brings a rush of emotion and she falls into his arms. Justin warns Alf that Marilyn is on her best behaviour, but lately she has been a real handful.

Once Justin leaves, Alf tries to get to the bottom of how Marilyn is feeling. However, she puts on a brave face and covers for her behaviour. When Alf learns that she quit her job because she didn’t feel supported, he marches straight over to Irene and gives her a piece of his mind. Irene insists she didn’t have much say in the matter.

Elsewhere, Ari thinks if Mia just told Chloe the truth, then Matthew would be out of their lives forever. Mia steadfastly refuses – under no circumstances is she telling her daughter that she is the product of an assault. Ari doesn’t want to hurt Chloe either, but thinks Mia is making a mistake.

Ari and Mia discover that it was Matthew who supplied Chloe with the cheque to pay off her debt, and they’re worried she’s in way too deep with this man. Arriving home, they’re shocked to find Matthew on their front lawn, waiting to pick up Chloe. Appalled at the audacity of this man, Ari and Mia confront him.

Chloe tries to mediate but tempers start to flare. Despite Ari’s warnings, Matthew remains steadfast that Chloe is his daughter and there is nothing Ari can do about that. Seeing red, Ari decks Matthew with a punch to the jaw. Chloe is shocked and appalled, while Matthew warns Ari that he has just made a big mistake.

Matthew is furious