Home and Away

Home and Away spoiler: Ryder and Theo’s antics turn dangerous

UK airdate: Wednesday 09 February 2022 at 13:15 on Channel 5 and 18:00 on 5STAR

Australian airdate: Wednesday 10 November 2021 at 19:00 on Channel 7

Ryder arrives to the caravan park to find Theo setting up a firewalking challenge. A group of people come from the beach to watch the performance, with Ryder still hesitant. Theo lights the coals and there’s no going back.

With the camera recording the challenge from Bella’s tripod, the boys warm up the excited crowd and begin walking on the coals. Just as Cash told Jasmine how responsible he thinks Ryder is, he comes home to find the boys mid fire walk. As they try to explain themselves to Cash, they have inadvertently paused on the coals and burn themselves.

Cash offers to take them to hospital but they refuse, wanting Justin’s judgement for the outcome of the challenge. When Justin declares Ryder the winner, Ryder can’t help but rib Theo about the loss. It pushes Theo into a corner where he brutally declares he shared a kiss with Chloe after the chilli challenge. The news hits Ryder hard, leaving Theo to regret his behaviour.

Meanwhile, John promotes his future ideas of setting up a neighbourhood watch group to fatigued Bella and Nikau. With John practically signing them both up for his group, Bella seizes the opportunity to push John about taking promotional shots for the club. John tries to get free work out of her, but Nikau is there to promote her talent and worth.

Elsewhere, Jasmine refuses to leave Dean but he’s not impressed. He questions why she’s really there and doesn’t believe it’s because they’re friends. Feeling frustrated, Jasmine is forced to call Ziggy. Ziggy rushes back to the house and Jasmine explains how the doctors can’t guarantee his future on a surfboard, which in turn has freaked him out.

Ziggy’s reassurance does little to stop Dean’s spiralling thoughts about who he is without his surfing and surf lesson business. Ziggy puts her foot down and says if Dean isn’t going to try and work towards surfing again, she’ll never pick up a board without him. Dean reluctantly admits he’s going to have to pivot into a new direction in life, and Ziggy’s not about to let him give up.