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Home and Away spoiler: Nikau and Theo have a fight

Theo’s latest stunt backfires.
Home and Away Episode 7705

UK airdate: Friday 18 February 2022 at 13:15 on Channel 5 and 18:00 on 5STAR

Australian airdate: Thursday 17 November 2021 at 19:00 on Channel 7

John and Justin are further incensed when Theo shows no remorse for his crime. Theo’s tune does change when John threatens to involve the police. Theo takes John to the vehicle, which is now stranded without any petrol. As Theo is filling it back up, John starts detailing all the punishments he will have to do to atone for his mistake.

If things couldn’t get worse, Ryder walks by and starts filming. This prompts the two to engage in some back and forth verbal barrages. Afterwards, John begins Theo’s punishment by getting him to work behind the juice bar. However, Nikau comes in, and thinking Theo is making more of his stupid videos, starts a fight with him.

John separates the two boys, then sends Theo back home, where Justin rounds on him for causing more trouble. Theo apologises for everything he has done and thanks John for breaking up the fight. John is taken back by Theo’s contrite appearance, but it’s all an act as he immediately goes on the attack when John starts talking about more punishments.

Meanwhile, Ryder overhears Alf and Roo talking about the money costs associated with brining Martha home, further increasing his guilt over his debt. The next day, having spoken to Mac about the videos he admits that if it wasn’t for Theo kissing Chloe, he would still be making them.

Mac tells Ryder if he cares about his family, maybe he should make amends. Ryder approaches Theo and the two decide to return to the status quo, although Theo agrees to Ryder’s demand that there be no more illegal crimes.

Elsewhere, Martha had a bad night and the doctors have taken her for more tests. Roo discovers the doctors are worried about how quickly she deteriorated and are concerned she might not hold on for a transplant. Alf hits back that she has more fight than anyone in this hospital. Martha returns and Alf brave faces to be by her side.

Also today, thinking he has lost his job, Nikau returns to John with his uniform in hand. Although John chews him out, he gives him another chance, much to Nikau’s delight.