Home and Away

Home and Away spoiler: Logan starts to doubt himself

UK airdate: Tuesday 08 February 2022 at 13:15 on Channel 5 and 18:00 on 5STAR

Australian airdate: Tuesday 09 November 2021 at 19:00 on Channel 7

Marilyn is rushed into the hospital, with Irene fearful for her friend. When Marilyn arrives, Logan tries to assess her but Marilyn demands another doctor. Logan is at a loss, but Marilyn accuses Logan of putting her in this predicament, loud enough for Dean to overhear.

Doubting Logan’s abilities, Dean questions whether Tori’s idea to operate on him when he first arrived could have resulted in him getting back up on a board again.

Logan goes to check on Marilyn, but Jasmine warns him against it. When he realises Jasmine knows about his complaint, she’s forced to admit that she has been asked to provide a statement, but reminds him that every decision he made that night was the correct one.

Logan takes comfort, knowing Jasmine has confidence in his ability. However, Logan’s frustrations soon get the better of him and he’s forced to walk away, feeling helpless as the head of the ED. Jasmine finds Logan packing to discharge himself from his duty. She tries to stop him from leaving, but he’s at a loss due to his judgement being questioned.

Meanwhile, Bella heads out to tell Dean about her idea to start her own photography business, but unaware of the turmoil he’s going through after hearing he may not surf again, he brutally halts her idea of photographing his surf lessons. Dean lashes out at her for rubbing his old life of surfing in his face, leaving Bella speechless.

Jasmine drops in on Dean next, trying to get Dean to understand how grateful he should be for Logan saving his life. After the day he’s had, he reminds Jasmine without surfing he’s nothing, so he’s finding little to be grateful for at this point.

Elsewhere, Nikau races away from the group during his latest surf lifesaving lesson. John goes after him, recognising his nerves with taking the assessment, and Nikau heads out with confidence.

Bella notices Nikau is nervous about the outcome of his assessment. As John calls out the class’s results, Nikau’s anxiety builds, but John delivers the good news that not only did he pass, he passed with flying colours. John shouts Nikau a beer, congratulating him on his efforts, and tries to convince him into joining his neighbourhood watch group, much to Nikau’s amusement.