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Home and Away spoiler: Felicity gives Cash an ultimatum

Can they ever come to an agreement?

Home and Away spoiler Episode 7703

UK airdate: Wednesday 16 February 2022 at 13:15 on Channel 5 and 18:00 on 5STAR

Australian airdate: Tuesday 15 November 2021 at 19:00 on Channel 7

Talking to Jasmine, Cash remains frustrated after Felicity rebuffed his invitation to return home for their father’s memorial. Hanging out with Tane by the pool, Felicity confesses that things could change for her if the police ever investigated his death. Thinking she might be able to help, Jasmine tells Felicity about what happened to her after Robbo’s death – she doesn’t think Felicity nor Cash will have closure until they attend the memorial together.

Felicity meets Cash back outside the Diner where she agrees to go to the memorial only if he promises to open an investigation into their father’s death. Cash rejects the ultimatum, but it’s clear there are no hard feelings between the siblings as she farewells him off on his trip and they share an emotional hug. Cash heads off for the memorial, leaving a fragile Felicity in Jasmine and Tane’s hands.

Meanwhile, Alf manages to convince Marilyn that he’s on her side and that she should hear Logan out. Later, Logan pitches a new treatment plan for Marilyn – but she remains wary of Logan’s motives and refuses to agree to it on the spot.

The next day, Roo returns home and Marilyn overhears her and Alf talking – learning that Martha’s condition has deteriorated to the point that she requires a kidney transplant.

Later in the Diner, Marilyn confesses to Irene that hearing about Martha’s troubles made her realise how much Alf has sacrificed to help her, and that she should trust him and accept Logan’s help. Marilyn leaves with Logan for treatment at the hospital, leaving Alf and Roo hopeful for her recovery.

Elsewhere, Ziggy is stunned when she finds Dean putting his surfboards out for sale – declaring that he thinks Logan is giving him false hope about his recovery. Ziggy attempts to talk an increasingly frustrated Dean out of it over lunch at Salt – but when Logan arrives and offers to buy Dean a drink, Dean unexpectedly explodes, accusing Logan of ruining his life before storming out. Ziggy hurries out after Dean, leaving Logan shocked and blindsided by Dean’s attack.