Home and Away

Home and Away Spoiler: Chloe’s life changes forever

Matthew finally reveals who he is.

Episode 7699

UK airdate: Thursday 10 February 2022 at 13:15 on Channel 5 and 18:00 on 5STAR

Australian airdate: Thursday 11 November 2021 at 19:00 on Channel 7

Chloe closes up the Diner and prepares to start her night of cooking delivery orders. Her father stays behind, trying to get to know his daughter without her knowing who he is. Matthew remains in the Diner as she finishes closing up, so she politely asks if he could vacate for closing.

Matthew asks how safe it is for Chloe to be in the Diner alone and offers to stay with her. Chloe’s discomfort increases and she firmly requests he leave. When he says her name, she’s taken aback and Matthew is forced to reveal he’s actually her father.

Chloe doesn’t trust Matthew has been looking for her all this time, believing her mother when she said her father never wanted to see her. Overwhelmed with all the information, she demands Matthew go. He leaves his card on the table before heading out the door.

Later, Chloe tells Mia and Ari what happened. When she sees her mother’s face, she realises it’s true. She wants to know why Mia took her opportunity away from getting to know her own father, but Mia is quick to tell her that she has very strong reasons why she has made it this way. She begs Chloe to trust her decision and just leave the relationship alone.

The next day, Ari recognises Matthew down on the pier and takes his fishing rod down as a guise to talk to Chloe’s father.

Meanwhile, Tane shares a piece of his past. Felicity sees he’s opening up, forming a deeper connection with her, just as her brother arrives and awkwardly joins them. Cash later points out that it’s the only way she will talk to him, by intruding on her date.

Cash is worried that Felicity is bottling up her emotions after the kidnapping, but she makes slight admissions to talking with Tane about how she’s feeling. To her surprise, Cash is pleased to hear she’s talking to someone and not just pushing her feelings aside, even if that person is Tane.

Elsewhere, Justin gives Theo a serve about telling Ryder he kissed Chloe as a definite way to hurt him. Theo, still licking his wounds from the fire walk, believes Ryder deserved it for giving him so much attitude. Ryder arrives just as Justin’s leaving but makes both boys promise to behave.

Ryder has come to tell Theo he’s out and wants nothing to do with the challenges anymore. Theo tries to oppose his decision but Ryder doesn’t want to be around someone like Theo, reminding him they were never really friends anyway.