Home and Away

Home and Away spoiler: Ari confronts Matthew

UK airdate: Friday 11 February 2022 at 13:15 on Channel 5 and 18:00 on 5STAR

Australian airdate: Thursday 11 November 2021 at 19:30 on Channel 7

Ari reveals to Matthew that he is Mia’s partner. When Ari warns him to stay away from his family, Matthew reminds him that’s up to Chloe to decide. Soon afterwards, still confused about the little information her mother is giving her, Chloe meets up with Matthew to get to know who her father really is.

Mia is angered to hear Ari spoke to Matthew when she made him promise he wouldn’t. Mia is worried Ari’s threats have only made matters worse.

Chloe and Matthew have a coffee together, getting to know one another. When Chloe asks about his relationship with her mother, he admits they were only together for one night and when his parents offered an abortion, she left, pregnant and alone.

Mia finds Chloe walking along the beach with her dad and is nervous about what she sees. Mia tells Chloe she doesn’t want her seeing her father again. But Chloe is refusing to throw away an opportunity to get to know her father, turning all the negativity around onto Mia.

Meanwhile, Mac asks Tane what’s happening between he and Felicity and airs her hesitance about them getting serious, reminding him of Felicity’s baggage. Tane tells Mac it’s not really her business what he does.

Mac catches Felicity and offers an apology for accusing her of everything that happened to Tane. Felicity’s touched by Mac’s admission but it’s cut short when Mac meddles over Tane.

Elsewhere, Justin arrives at the hospital to find Marilyn refusing to leave, much to the frustration of Irene. Outside her room, Irene explains the doctors cannot find any cause for her latest scare, other than it being a psychological effect from the poisoning.

After hearing Marilyn’s theory that all the doctors are conspiring against her, Justin sees a way to convince Marilyn to leave hospital. The plan works and Marilyn believes she can expose the conspiracy against her from home.

Later, desperate to get hold of Alf, Marilyn leaves a message, telling him how scared she is with what’s happening to her.