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Home and Away announces the arrival of 4 new characters

Home and Away’s social media accounts have announced the arrival of Lyrik, a rock and roll band set to descend on Summer Bay next week, bringing 4 new characters.

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Lyrik are a rock band consisting of lead singer Bob, bass guitarist Eden, lead guitarist Remi and keyboardist Kirby, and they’ll make their debut appearance in Summer Bay on Monday 4th July.

The four are friends of Felicity Newman (Jacqui Purvis), and they arrive as part of Flick’s latest idea to inject some much-needed money into Salt, after Mackenzie’s (Emily Weir) recent financial woes saw her put the restaurant up for sale.

Recent episodes saw Felicity present a series of ideas to Mackenzie, including introducing poker machines into the restaurant, and hosting events. Mac didn’t seem keen on any of the ideas, not believing that they would make a dent in her ever-increasing debt, but it seems that she has a change of heart over the next few days.

Next Monday, the band arrive in Summer Bay, ready to play a live music night at Salt later in the week.

As they’ve been invited by Flick, she extends them an invite to stay at the Parata house, where she has only recently become an official resident. The four soon take over the house, undoubtedly bringing with them a mountain of instruments.

There’s no word yet of how Tane (Ethan Browne) and Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) react to their newly packed living quarters, but the synopsis for next Wednesday 6th July states that “The Parata house has been invaded”, hinting that it might be a squeeze to fit the new arrivals in.

Spoilers for next week also hint at tensions within the band, as “Lyrik’s bandmates face a clash of egos.”

Could things not be as harmonious as they first seem?

@homeandaway on Twitter

Lead singer Bob is played by Rob Mallet, who has previously starred in Winners & Losers and House Husbands.

Talking to Australia’s The Daily Telegraph about his arrival, Rob said, “Home and Away is a cornerstone of the Aussie television landscape, so it’s a bucket list show to work on.

“I’ve had an absolute ball trying to win the hearts and minds of Summer Bay. Now it’s time to do the same to the rest of Australia.

“The whole team there are a pleasure to work with and experts at what they do. It’s no wonder the show still has as much support as it does.”

@homeandaway on Twitter

Eden, the band’s bassist, is played by Stephanie Panozzo.

Stephanie was forced to audition for the role over Zoom after testing positive for Covid, and told The Daily Telegraph that she feared she had lost out on the role as a result.

“I did the recall over zoom and thought that was that,” she explained. “A few days later I was watching TV feeling sorry for myself, recovering from Covid, and my agents FaceTimed me, which they never do, and they said I booked the role.

“I was absolutely blown away and beyond excited. It was a very surreal and incredible feeling.”

Not only is Eden a friend of Flick’s, but she’s also Cash’s (Nicholas Cartwright) high school sweetheart, a detail revealed by Nick in a recent Q&A with fans on CelebTime. As if Cash’s love life wasn’t complicated enough following his drunken night with Rose (Kirsty Marillier), things could be about to get a whole lot messier now his ex is in town.

Is he about to have something else to keep from Jasmine (Sam Frost)?

Remi Carter, the band’s lead guitarist, is played by Adam Rowland.

Adam posted to Instagram shortly after the news was announced, announcing his character’s surname as he posted “Cats outta the Bag.. Remi Carter is coming to Summer Bay.”

JR Reyne, who played guest character Emmett Ellison, commented “Yeahhhhhhbrother!!! 🎉🎸🤘“, while Jacqui Purvis wrote “So freakin excited 😍” and Matt Evans, who plays Theo, added “rock n rolllllllllll“.

Kirby is played by Angelina Thomson, who also announced the news on Instagram, where she revealed her character’s full name as Kirby Aramoana.

It looks like the new band go down a storm with the residents of Summer Bay, as spoilers for next Thursday’s Australian episode tell us that “the crowd goes wild at Salt.”

Angelina Thompson (Kirby) filming with Matt Evans (Theo). Photo courtesy of CelebTime’s Home and Away Tour

Angelina Thomson and Rob Mallett were first spotted filming back in February, when paparazzi snapped them filming at Sydney’s Palm Beach while looking at a poster for the live music night at Salt.

Whether their music will be enough to save Salt remains to be seen, but at least some of the band look set to stick around long past Felicity’s event.

It looks likely that Angelina Thomson’s character, Kirby, will end up in a relationship with Theo (Matt Evans). Fans attending the Location Tour to Home and Away have spotted the two interacting and holding hands on a number of occasions.

However, it may not be plain sailing for the new couple. A scene filmed in late March saw the pair holding hands outside the Surf Club, before Kirby walks away and Theo throws his arms up, looking exasperated.

Bob, Kirby, Remi and Eden make their debut appearance on Australian screens next Monday 4th July, while UK viewers will see them for the first time on Thursday 11th August.