Home and Away

Family secrets, cheating scandal and shock surgery: 8 huge Home and Away spoilers

(Pictures: Channel 5)

This week on Home and Away, Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) heads into Salt and picks up a letter addressed to her, only to be shocked by its contents. Meanwhile, Justin (James Stewart) realises he has to come clean about doing Theo’s (Matt Evans) assignment for him – but his actions backfire horribly.

Elsewhere, Rose (Kirsty Marillier) is still hung up on Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) – until she is distracted by a charming stranger. Plus, Marilyn (Emily Symons) loses patience with Tex (Lucas Linehan) when he goes MIA, and Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) is shocked to discover he needs emergency surgery.

Here’s what’s coming up for the week beginning Monday August 1.

Mackenzie leaves Felicity Salt, believing she’s headed for prison

Felicity is worried about Mackenzie’s sentencing, and although Tane advises her to just sit and wait for an update, she can’t keep herself calm. Heading into work, she’s setting up the bar when Tane hands her a letter addressed to her. Felicity’s panic is sent into overdrive as she reads its contents – Mackenzie is telling her that she’s the new manager of Salt, because if she’s reading the letter she’s probably locked away in a cell somewhere. Felicity is overwhelmed – how can she go from being a waitress to running a business overnight?

Leah discovers Justin’s assignment cheating scandal

Justin is eager to find out what grade Theo got on his TAFE assignment. When he learns Theo got a distinction, he punches the air triumphantly. Leah begins to smell a rat and asks how much of the assignment Justin did. Justin backpedals hastily, but it’s too late. He’s busted! Leah is furious that Justin would encourage Theo to cheat, and insists that he calls up TAFE to confess. Justin is mortified at this concept, but Leah insists they need to set an example of being honest for Theo’s sake.

Chloe questions how cash-strapped Ari and Mia bought the gym

Chloe is settling into her new role doing admin for the gym, rolling out impressive new software and finding a fresh lease on life as she rediscovers her purpose. As for Tane, he’s happy to have some help and finally get rid of the admin duties! However, as Chloe digs into the documents in the office’s filing cabinet, she finds the original sale contract and is confused by its contents. It says Ari and Mia bought the gym outright – but Mia never had savings or enough to make ends meet growing up, and Ari had even less. How did they afford this investment? Tane immediately keeps quiet, and Chloe becomes increasingly suspicious…

Justin’s attempts to come clean backfire horribly

Leah has convinced Justin that he has to tell TAFE about the fact he wrote Theo’s assignment, and as she leaves for her Diner shift a morose Justin dials the number to make his confession. Later, Theo is celebrating his grade with Chloe when he gets a call from his tutor. He is shocked by the update – he’s being investigated for cheating? Furious, he goes to confront Justin and Leah. The pair question him – why does he think it’s OK to hand in someone else’s work? Theo fires back – he didn’t; after Justin wrote the assignment he started again from scratch! The Distinction he’s being invested for was his own achievement! Leah and Justin exchange glances – what have they done?

Rose is taken by surprise by a charming stranger

Rose continues to live an awkward existence where she regularly runs into Cash and has to avoid him due to the mounting tension following their drunken night together in her car. Xander has sympathy for his sister after she confessed she has feelings for her sister’s boyfriend, but has to keep them under wraps out of respect for Jasmine. Distracted, she walks along the beach, but is interrupted by a stranger who tells her his name is Tex. He invites her out for a coffee, which she immediately declines. He accepts her decision and walks away with a twinkle in his eye. Despite her troubles, Rose can’t help but look after him and wonder – who was that charming stranger?

Nikau rushed to surgery after a nasty sea urchin injury

Nikau has been struggling with Bella’s absence since her departure for New York, but his situation gets worse during a lifeguard rescue operation when he steps on something sharp in the ocean. John sees the foot injury and immediately tells him it’s from a sea urchin, so he’ll need to go to the hospital right away. Nikau reluctantly heads in, but it isn’t long before his condition deteriorates. Nausea, pain and an X-Ray later, he learns he has to have surgery and begins panicking…

Marilyn loses patience with Tex’s relaxed work ethic

Marilyn is on edge during her morning shift at the Diner – she’s been awaiting Tex’s arrival as there’s a big list of jobs that need doing around the caravan park and bait shop. However, he’s nowhere to be seen. Irene tells her to ease up and stop being so hard on him, but as time ticks on and her handyman continues to be MIA, Marilyn resolves to fire him. Meanwhile, Tex is on the beach helping Nikau and John with a rescue – he was pulling an injured swimmer out of the water. Unaware Marilyn is on the warpath, is Tex about to be fired before his boss can discover the truth about his absence?

Mackenzie decides to sell Salt as her debt problems continue

Mackenzie is trying to come up with a legal way to tackle her debt problems, and Felicity says she’s got an idea. Mackenzie isn’t too keen – look what happened last time she took on an idea of hers. However, Felicity’s advice is to find an investor. If they can get someone with money to burn on board, her debt problems will be solved! After giving it some thought and speaking with some potential leads, Mackenzie realises she’d effectively be giving up the business to a rich investor who would turn Salt into something she doesn’t recognise. Reluctantly, she realises the only way forwards is to sell the restaurant…is this the end for Mackenzie’s business?