Home and Away

A wealthy stranger, a shock death and two departures: 8 huge Home and Away spoilers

This week on Home and Away, Mackenzie is building up a reputation for herself as she continues hosting underground poker nights at Salt. She is taken aback when a gambling client, Nathan, appears during the day, but he is there to repay the money she gave him with interest. It comes with a catch, though – his friend is keen to join the poker nights. Although Mackenzie says newcomer PK will have to be vetted, the mysterious stranger starts throwing cash at the greedy bar owner, leaving Felicity both suspicious and worried…

Meanwhile, Theo has only just readjusted to life with Justin and Leah after Dimitri showed up in the Bay and wreaked havoc for a while, but during a shift in the garage, he receives an unexpected phone call from TAFE. The apprenticeship provider has bad news for him, and he’s so crushed that he immediately walks out and drives off, leaving Justin and Ziggy incredibly confused…

Here’s what’s coming up for the week beginning Monday 6 June.

  1. Mysterious gambler PK throws money at a willing Mackenzie

Mackenzie and Felicity are gearing up for another poker night, and the buy in is higher than ever. They’re feeling optimistic when an unwelcome guest ruins the vibe – Nathan shows up in Salt during their regular service, leaving Mackenzie panicked. She sends Ryder to get him out, but Nathan elbows his way back in with an envelope of cash. He’s repaying his debt to the bar owner – but it comes with a catch. Downstairs, mysterious newcomer PK is insistent upon joining the next poker night, and even though Mackenzie says he has to be vetted first, she starts to cave when he begins to throw money at her…

2. Mia leaves the Bay for good in emotional farewell scenes
Mia has been left stunned after hearing Tane’s proposal that she leaves the Bay without Chloe and the two take time apart to heal after Ari’s death. However, Tane says that Chloe is happy in the Bay with her friends – and he will step up with Nikau to look out for her. Slowly, Mia begins to realise that Tane is right, and she breaks the news to her daughter. The pair are tearful as they realise it’s time to say goodbye, but when Mia says she isn’t sure where she will go, Tane has a solution for her. He presents her with a one-way ticket to New Zealand…time to stay with Gemma and visit Ari’s final resting place.

3. Rose realises Summer Bay policing is quieter than she’s used to
It’s day one on the job for Rose as she begins policing at the local station alongside Cash. He shows up to pick her up for her first shift, and Rose is full of enthusiasm as they head in. However, it quickly wears off when she realises there’s a stack of paperwork to do – and not much else. The phone rings, and she leaps for it. She’s thrilled to hear there’s a disturbance at a local residence, but when Cash asks who called he chuckles and says the lonely old lady calls in every week with this excuse. She just wants some company! Rose finds herself struggling to deal with the extreme change of pace. Will she be able to adapt to small-town policing?

4. Xander forced to say goodbye after receiving bad news?

Xander has been doing his best to put roots down in the Bay, applying for a job as a paramedic and securing an interview. He is full of nerves on the day, but Jasmine is there in her supportive big sister role and encourages him to run it off. Later, he returns looking upbeat – he’s convinced that he nailed it. However, he is gutted to receive a phone call a few hours later informing him that he didn’t get the job. Both he and Jasmine are faced with the unpleasant possibility that, although Rose is now employed nearby at the local police force, he may be forced to go back to the city and return to his old life…

5. Ryder receives his dream job offer – will he leave the Bay?
Ryder has been dreaming of Vegas and the bright lights of casino gambling after being introduced to underground poker nights in Salt. He has been pestering Mackenzie and Felicity for a while about practising his budding skills as a croupier, to no avail. However, he shares his dreams with Nikau, who is supportive. Another person in his corner is his mum, who texts him with a surprising offer that leaves him stunned. A job is going on a cruise ship which would let him travel the world, meet new people and develop a new career as a croupier. Will Ryder leave his friends and family behind to embark on the journey of a lifetime?

6. Theo runs off after being crushed by an unexpected call
After getting through a round of drama with his father, Dimitri, Theo is relieved to return to his life with Leah and Justin. At the garage, he is on his best behaviour and caters to Justin and Ziggy’s every need. Justin worries that he’s overcompensating due to guilt about what happened with Dimitri, but these worries are soon replaced by confusion when Theo gets an unexpected phone call from TAFE. His apprenticeship provider tells him that he didn’t submit his first assignment, so it’s an automatic fail. Theo is devastated and walks out of his shift, driving away with no explanation – and leaving both Justin and Ziggy utterly bewildered.

7. Ziggy takes on a new challenge with disastrous consequences

When Ziggy finds out about Theo’s troubles, she’s able to empathise as she went through the same TAFE course as him. However, she realises he is lacking in self-esteem and wants to find a way to help him. Then she comes up with an idea – she can tutor him throughout his entire course, and use her own past papers to help him out! When she tells Dean about her brain wave, he is dubious – she isn’t exactly the most patient teacher. But Ziggy is determined, and it isn’t long before Theo is at her place, ready to go. But Dean’s suspicions prove to be true as Ziggy’s patience runs thin after Theo repeatedly struggles with questions she finds simple. She gets frustrated, and Theo gives up on the whole dynamic, storming away…

8. Xander and Jasmine stumble into a shocking car crash
Jasmine has been doing her best to get her brother Xander settled in the Bay, enlisting Logan to help them out by asking if he can speak with some colleagues and see if any jobs are doing. Logan and Xander bond over a beer in Salt, but Logan gets back to them both with the unfortunate news that no jobs are going at the moment. Jasmine refuses to accept that Xander may not be able to live nearby, and she suggests they go to the medical centre in the next town over so they can network. The pair head off in the car together, but on the way, they encounter the aftermath of a car crash. They’re shocked to see Logan behind the wheel of one vehicle, and Xander quickly goes to help a bleeding newcomer called Millie…