Home and Away

9 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week

What’s next in Summer Bay?

Next week on Home and Away, the Parata family face more turmoil following Ari’s sacrifice.

Elsewhere, Ryder suffers a panic attack following his recent ordeal, while Justin struggles to get through to Alf.

Here’s a full collection of nine big moments coming up.

1. Dean gives Mia some advice

Mia struggles with the pressure of an upsetting cover-up, as Ari remains in custody after making a false confession to Matthew’s murder.

Dean, who isn’t part of the plan, becomes suspicious that Ari’s admission isn’t all it seems to be. He speaks to Mia about this, expressing his belief that Ari left prison a changed man last time and would never commit a murder.

Mia decides that it’s best to give nothing away, but Dean persists and encourages her to hold it together for Ari.

2. Tane and Felicity briefly reunite

Tane has implemented a “no girlfriends” rule while the Parata family close ranks following Matthew’s murder. However, when he crosses paths with Felicity at Salt, he’s unable to resist her and they enjoy a steamy reunion in her caravan.

Felicity questions why Tane is keeping his distance when everybody knows that Ari has confessed to murder. Tane vaguely replies that there are still things he can’t tell Felicity.

Wanting to be supportive, Felicity backs off. She tells Tane that she’s there for him next time he wants to break his own rules.

3. Mia makes a wedding plan

Even though Ari is facing a life sentence, Mia reveals that she still wants to make their wedding happen. She makes plans for the ceremony to take place at the prison.

Mia seeks some tips from Irene, who points out the realities of being married to someone in jail. Mia responds that all marriages are challenging and she’s determined to go through with it.

4. Mac makes a worrying discovery

Logan asks his ex-girlfriend Neve to stay in the Bay, wanting to help her now that she has resurfaced following a long absence. Neve is reluctant, but Logan threatens to report her whereabouts to the Department of Defence if she doesn’t cooperate.

Neve fears the possibility of desertion charges after she fled from the army, so she decides to stick around.

Neve apologises to Mac for disrupting her life and kissing Logan when she first returned. This surprises Mac, who hadn’t known about the kiss.

5. Mac makes a surprising move

Mac starts to see Neve as a threat, but she decides to take control of the situation by offering her a place to stay. Logan is relieved, now believing that it’s possible to keep both Mac and Neve on side.

Mac plays the perfect host to Neve, but admits to Ziggy that it’s a case of keeping a potential enemy close.

Later, Logan’s worries for Neve increase when there’s an injured swimmer at the beach and she becomes visibly distressed over the sight of blood. It’s clear that upsetting memories from the army continue to play on her mind.

6. Justin angers Alf

Alf continues to give Theo a hard time over his role in the recent Ryder burial stunt. Justin is irritated that Alf is still solely blaming Theo for everything.

Justin visits Alf at home and encourages him to watch all of the stunt videos, which prove that Ryder was equally to blame for the reckless behaviour. Alf is unimpressed by the suggestion and orders Justin to leave.

7. Alf’s behaviour takes its toll on Ryder

Alf finally watches the videos, but is frustrated to see that Ryder was engaged in so much dangerous behaviour. His harsh attitude upsets Ryder, who’s already struggling with bad memories of the burial incident.

Things come to a head when Ryder suffers a panic attack in the caravan park. Jasmine rushes over to help him, suggesting some breathing techniques to calm him down again.

8. Alf becomes determined to see Theo punished

Alf approaches Cash and insists that Theo should be arrested for attempted murder following the burial stunt. Cash replies that there’s no chance of this, as Ryder was buried of his own free will.

Alf changes tactics and decides to report Theo for the theft of the Polaris instead, even though this happened weeks ago. Theo is stunned as he’s arrested for the crime.

9. Dean receives a worrying call

Dean and Ziggy see that Bella needs more peaceful surroundings, as Neve’s presence is causing tensions at the pier apartment. The couple offer to let Bella move in with them.

Later, Dean faces trouble of his own when he receives a call to say that his mother Karen has gone missing.