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12 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week

What’s next in Summer Bay?

Next week on Home and Away, tensions within the Stewart family threaten to spiral out of control.

Elsewhere, Tane hopes to help Nikau by taking him away from the Bay, while Karen returns with some surprising news.

Here’s a full collection of 12 big moments coming up.

1. Theo’s arrest causes tensions

Theo is arrested for theft after Alf reports him for stealing the Polaris on the beach, even though this happened weeks ago. Alf is adamant that Theo deserves to be punished, but Justin is disappointed that the Summer Bay stalwart is acting out of spite.

Theo gets upset as it dawns on him that he’s facing a criminal record and possible jail time. Ryder reaches out to support him, but Theo suggests that it’s time to start keeping their distance to avoid provoking Alf.

2. The Stewart family rift continues

Ryder rebukes Alf for giving Theo such a hard time, but this isn’t the only feud simmering in the Stewart family.

As Roo and Martha remain at odds over the transplant, Ryder points out that they’re wasting precious time together by fighting.

Roo continues to question why her mum won’t accept her help, but Martha refuses to explain herself.

3. Martha takes some time out

Martha heads off to Merimbula and insists that she won’t be back until Alf has sorted out his issues with Theo and Justin.

Roo feels conflicted over Martha leaving, but is too stubborn to show her mum how much she cares. They part ways with unresolved conflict.

4. Alf makes things worse with Justin

Alf tries to resolve his conflict with Justin, hoping that it’ll be enough to convince Martha to come home. He apologises to Justin and peace appears to have broken out.

Unfortunately, Alf undermines this when he clarifies that his apology is for Justin, not Theo. Justin is irritated to realise that Alf’s harsh stance hasn’t really changed at all.

Later, Alf calls Martha and misleads her over how his peacemaking efforts are going.

5. Mia reads Chloe’s diary

Mia is worried about Chloe’s distant mood in the wake of Matthew’s death and Ari’s arrest. She resorts to reading Chloe’s diary to get an insight into what she’s thinking.

Mia is troubled by what she reads inside the diary, so confronts Chloe about her state of mind. Chloe accuses Mia of invading her privacy.

Later, Mia tells Chloe that they’ll have to burn her diary as it contains the truth about Matthew’s murder and could be seized as police evidence in the future.

6. Mac starts to worry about Neve

Neve’s post-traumatic stress is triggered when Bella takes her photo on the beach. Neve reacts angrily by trying to seize the camera and hitting Logan in the process.

When Mac finds out what happened, she starts to fear that Neve could be dangerous and questions whether it’s right for her to keep living in the apartment.

7. Mac’s ultimatum backfires

Mac tells Logan that she can’t handle Neve’s presence any longer and he needs to make a choice between them. She’s dismayed when she later returns home to find that Logan has moved out with Neve.

Logan checks into a motel with Neve. As a room with one bed was the only one available, Logan agrees to sleep on the couch.

8. Tane and Nikau take a spiritual trip

Tane sees how much Nikau is struggling with the cover-up of Matthew’s murder and the likelihood of a life sentence for Ari. He takes Nikau away for a riverside camping trip.

When they arrive, Tane presents Nikau with the taiaha – a traditional Māori weapon – and explains how it can provide spiritual guidance in difficult times.

Nikau is told that it’s time for him to learn the technique required to use the taiaha, as part of a rite of passage passed down through generations in Māori culture.

9. Tane tries to boost Nikau’s confidence

Tane proves to be a patient teacher as he helps Nikau to master the taiaha. When Nikau faces some early struggles, he reaches breaking point and claims that he’s not a warrior like his uncle.

Tane puts on an expert demonstration for Nikau and provides him with the inspiration to keep going.

10. Dean’s mum Karen explains her disappearance

Karen turns up in Summer Bay, several days after Dean learned that she had gone missing. She accuses Dean of “stalking” her with his desperate attempts to track her down.

After initially staying tight-lipped about why she did a disappearing act, Karen later reveals that a man called Brett wants to marry her.

Although Karen has been dating Brett for a year and he treats her well, the thought of marriage has thrown her into a spin.

11. Dean tells Karen the truth

Dean tries to remove all traces of Jai from the farmhouse, not wanting Karen to know that he has a son. This backfires when Karen picks up a photo of Jai that Dean had missed.

Dean reluctantly explains that he has a child, but admits that he’s only allowed to have access to Jai if Karen isn’t part of his life. Karen is devastated, recognising how her past mistakes as a parent have led to this.

12. Jasmine confides in Cash

Jasmine refuses to acknowledge her birthday, but when Cash finds out, he’s determined to mark it in some way.

Cash surprises Jasmine with a romantic candlelit dinner on the pier, but she storms off and points out that she didn’t ask for any of this.

Later, Jasmine opens up to Cash about the reason for ignoring her birthday, explaining how difficult life was when she was in foster care and her dad didn’t contact her on her special day.