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12 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week.What’s next in Summer Bay?

Home and Away spoilers follow for UK viewers.

Next week on Home and Away, a death tragedy rocks the Bay.

Elsewhere, Nikau discovers Chloe’s deception, while Ryder says his goodbyes.

Here’s a full collection of 12 big moments coming up.

  1. Xander delivers some upsetting news

Xander and Jasmine both stumble across a car crash in the road. Logan is one of the drivers, while the other is a stranger called Millie. Millie also had a passenger, Jo, in the vehicle with her. Xander is horrified to find Jo dead in the road, having been thrown out of the car in the collision.

As Xander tends to Millie, he makes out to her that Jo is also being treated. Later at the hospital, he has to share the awful news that Jo didn’t survive. Logan rebukes Xander for getting so heavily involved, reminding him that Millie is not his patient.

  1. Logan and Millie struggle to remember

Cash speaks to Rose about how the cause of the crash was driver error, but it’s unclear whether Logan or Millie was the one at fault.

When Logan and Millie speak to each other at the hospital, both admit that they’re struggling to remember exactly what happened.

  1. Xander sparks concern

Millie lashes out at Xander at the hospital, accusing him of being responsible for Jo’s death as he wasn’t able to save her. Jasmine steps in to set the record straight, explaining that Jo was already dead when they arrived at the scene.

Logan and Jasmine both spot worrying signs that Xander is becoming too attached to Millie, but he brushes off their concerns.

  1. Theo confides in Justin

Theo tells Justin that he received an automatic fail for his first TAFE assignment after he didn’t hand it in on time. Theo expects Justin to be angry, but Justin is merely hurt that he hid the news.

Theo confides in Leah about how it’s difficult for him to move past the learned fears he has after growing up with violent Dimitri. He recalls how Dimitri reacted angrily when he failed his driving test, so he expected a similar response from Justin over TAFE.

  1. Ryder announces that he’s leaving

Ryder tells his friends that he has been offered a job on a cruise ship and he intends to take up the opportunity.

Ryder’s friends and family all take the news well – except Alf, who grumpily complains about the lack of notice.

  1. Nikau reads Chloe’s diary

Nikau accidentally knocks over Chloe’s diary and a photograph slips out, which shows Bella sleeping. Nikau finds the discovery creepy and can’t resist looking through the pages of the diary.

Nikau is horrified to read Chloe’s confessions over how she tried to manipulate him and Bella. Bella urges Nikau to keep his cool, as they need to concentrate on Ryder’s farewell party.

  1. Nikau publicly humiliates Chloe

Although Nikau tries his best to keep a lid on his emotions, he can’t bear to be around Chloe at Ryder’s farewell party. Nikau confronts Chloe about the contents of her diary in front of the other guests, questioning whether she’s in love with Bella.

Chloe is devastated by Nikau’s behaviour and rushes out in tears.

  1. Chloe finds support

Chloe later explains herself to Nikau, insisting that she was relying on Bella for emotional support and there was no romantic intention.

Theo sympathises with Chloe amid her humiliation and puts his own differences with her aside in order to show his support. Chloe tries to kiss Theo, but he insists they should take things slowly.

  1. Ryder leaves the Bay

Alf finally softens towards Ryder and they share an emotional farewell.

After being caught up in the Chloe drama, Bella also ends up chasing after Ryder’s car in order to say a proper goodbye to him.

  1. Felicity is pushed too far by PK

Newcomer PK makes it clear that he doesn’t want Felicity to be present at the next poker night. He tells Mac that he’s not prepared to trust Felicity as her brother is a cop.

Annoyed at being cut out, Felicity heads off to the police station to look for Cash. She asks for Cash’s help with searching for information on PK, but he refuses to assist her unless she tells him the full details.

Rose overhears and offers her own help with the PK situation, but Felicity initially turns her down.

  1. PK’s dark plan plays out

Nathan arrives at the Parata house to confront Felicity, accompanied by a burly man. They both stop her from leaving while the poker night plays out.

After the night of poker is over, PK misleads Mac about the game’s rules by falsely claiming that the house lost and she owes the players $100,000. PK offers to step in and settle the debt on Mac’s behalf, but only if she ‘repays’ him by joining him in his hotel room.

Ziggy urges Mac not to go along with this, but Mac later heads off to the hotel.

  1. Martha avoids updates on her health

Roo encourages Martha to consult her transplant coordinator for an update on her health. Martha puts it off, wanting to enjoy the sunny day.

Roo and Alf both become concerned over Martha avoiding the doctor like this. She defends her decision by explaining that she doesn’t want to ruin her day by receiving disappointing test results.

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