Home and Away

11 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week

Next week on Home and Away, Nikau faces a frightening incident during his second shift as a surf lifesaver.

Elsewhere, Chloe’s future in the Bay is called into question, and Ziggy upsets Dean with a gesture over his surfing.

Here’s a full collection of 11 big moments coming up.

1. Justin tries to distract Theo

Justin hopes to sway Theo into giving up his prank videos by distracting him with a new hobby. He takes Theo out for his first surf lesson.

Despite Justin’s best efforts, Theo later meets up with Ryder again to discuss the next steps for their online video channel. Mac encourages them to broaden their appeal by making content that would appeal to a female audience.

2. Alf and Roo worry about Martha

The Stewarts continue to wait for news on whether Martha’s transplant can go ahead. Kieran, who’s still out of town, is told that he isn’t a match. Roo’s test results are yet to arrive.

As Martha starts to give up hope, she begins talking about funeral arrangements. Alf and Roo worry about Martha’s state of mind, especially when she asks to see a priest.

3. Roo receives some big news

Roo is overjoyed when she finally receives a call informing her that she’s a match for Martha and the transplant can go ahead. She immediately hopes for the best, confident that Martha will now survive.

When Roo breaks the news to Martha, her reaction isn’t as enthusiastic as expected. Martha privately confides in Alf about how she isn’t sure whether she can bring herself to take an organ from her own child, as she’s worried about the potential complications for Roo.

4. Roo faces some tough questions

Roo attends a psychologist appointment as part of the transplant process. She has to field some difficult questions, which partly focus on her difficult past with Martha and how this could be influencing her decisions now.

Roo is left with food for thought after the session, but Marilyn later reminds her that she can’t spend too long deciding as her mum is dying. Roo is left upset by Marilyn’s harsh words.

5. Logan hears his fate

It’s the day of Logan’s tribunal after the complaint that Marilyn made against him. There’s a sign that Marilyn is softening her stance when she wishes Logan good luck, even though she’s not prepared to drop the complaint altogether.

Later in the week, Logan receives the good news that his name has been cleared by the hospital board. Amid the celebrations, Mac asks Logan to move in with her and he responds by kissing her passionately.

6. Marilyn heads out of town

After upsetting Roo with her behaviour, Marilyn decides that it’s best for her to head out of the Bay for a while.

Marilyn shares an emotional goodbye with Alf before she goes, explaining that she needs some time out before she loses everyone who’s important in her life.

7. Ziggy’s gesture annoys Dean

Ziggy is surprised when she finds out that Dean has sold his favourite surfboard to Justin, who has given it to Theo as a present. She doesn’t want Dean to give up on the idea that he could hit the waves again one day.

Ziggy places a bet for the board by challenging Theo to a tyre-changing contest at the garage. When Ziggy easily triumphs, she reports back to Dean that his board is back in their possession. Dean reacts badly as he feels that Ziggy isn’t respecting his wishes.

8. Nikau feels let down by John

On his second shift as a surf lifesaver, Nikau is patrolling all alone due to a staff shortage. He’s horrified when a jogger collapses in front of him and Bella.

Nikau acts quickly by drawing on his training and performing CPR, which is witnessed by John as he arrives on the scene. Rather than step in, John stands back and lets Nikau take control.

Nikau manages to save the man’s life, but he’s disappointed to realise that John was there the entire time and didn’t help him. Feeling let down, Nikau quits as a lifesaver.

9. John tries to win over Nikau

John defends himself by pointing out that Nikau was in control of the situation and didn’t need him to step in. Nikau disagrees and he’s also struggling with the idea that somebody could die on his watch one day.

After repeated encouragement from Bella, Nikau finally relents and decides to give John a call back.

10. Felicity goes on a downward spiral

Cash is out of town to attend his father’s memorial and Felicity tries to distract herself in his absence. Felicity seems ready to party, leaving Tane and Jasmine concerned over her behaviour.

Jasmine decides that it’s time to step in when she sees Felicity drinking in a car park with some strangers. Felicity doesn’t react well to this, warning Jasmine to butt out as she’s just the girl who’s sleeping with Cash at the moment.

11. Ari and Mia worry Chloe will leave

Matthew tries to influence Chloe’s future by encouraging her to enrol in a prestigious business school and come to live with him in the city. The news concerns Ari and Mia, who fear that Chloe is drifting away from them since Matthew arrived in town.

Mia tries to warn Matthew that she’ll reveal the truth about how Chloe was conceived unless he leaves them alone. When Chloe is accepted into the school, Mia realises that time is running out for her to prevent the move.