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10 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week

What’s next in Summer Bay?

Next week on Home and Away, Dean faces two different family dramas as Karen and Mac both need his help.

Elsewhere, Nikau reaches the end of his spiritual trip with Tane.

Here’s a full collection of ten big moments coming up.

1. Dean lets Karen see Jai

Dean is touched when Karen promises not to make a fuss over being banned from seeing Jai. Knowing that Amber would withdraw Dean’s own access to Jai if she stirred things up, Karen vows not to ruin things for him.

Dean decides to look for a loophole and allows Karen to introduce herself to Jai on the beach as a stranger. Although Karen can’t disclose her true identity to Jai, she’s delighted to get the chance to play some football with him.

2. Karen’s boyfriend arrives in the Bay

Dean thinks Karen is making a big mistake by cutting herself off from her partner Brett, who recently asked her to marry him. He takes action by breaking into Karen’s phone and inviting Brett to the Bay.

Karen continues to push Brett away by making out that she’s now in a relationship with John. Brett sees through her act and calls out Karen’s commitment issues, making it clear that he’s willing to wait for her to get used to the idea.

3. Nikau reaches a breakthrough on his trip

Nikau faced some challenges in the early stages of his warrior training with Tane, but he starts to find an easy rhythm with his use of the Taiaha, a traditional Māori weapon which provides spiritual guidance.

Tane is impressed and announces that their riverside trip has come to an end.

Tane presents Nikau with his father’s Taiaha, which leaves Nikau full of pride over the progress he has made. However, there’s a wake-up call when Tane points out they must now return home and face what is to come with Ari.

4. Tane reunites with Felicity

Once back in town, Tane decides that it’s time for the Parata family to start accepting support again. He permits Nikau to see Bella and also decides to reunite with Felicity.

After spending the night together at the caravan, Felicity is pleased to find that Tane is still there the next morning.

Tane admits that he’s struggling with the responsibility of being head of the family now, but Felicity boosts his confidence by promising that she has faith in him.

5. Justin shows support to Theo

With Theo’s court hearing over the Polaris theft imminent, he’s feeling nervous about his chances. He also realises that he doesn’t have a suit to wear in court.

Justin tries his best to help by taking Theo out to buy a suit. Theo is grateful to have turned a corner with Justin, with their initial animosity now long forgotten.

6. Ryder moves out

Ryder suffers another panic attack at work. A caring Justin brings him home, but Alf stubbornly continues the recent feud by telling Justin to get out.

Fed up with all the arguing at home, Ryder decides to move out into a caravan for a while. He also takes a positive step for his mental health by reaching out to a professional for support.

7. Theo stands up to Alf

Theo faces court and is relieved when he receives community service. However, he also appreciates the seriousness of a criminal conviction and confronts Alf when they cross paths at the Diner.

Theo loses his temper with Alf, accusing him of looking for someone to blame over Ryder’s coffin incident and ignoring his own role in what happened.

Justin fears Theo has started his good behaviour agreement on a sour note, but Alf later makes a heartfelt apology after considering Theo’s tough words.

8. Dean punches Logan

Dean is angry on Mac’s behalf when he discovers that Logan is still staying in a motel room with his ex-girlfriend Neve. Nothing romantic is going on between the pair, but Logan is determined to support Neve with her PTSD.

Dean can’t resist meddling, so he turns up at the motel and punches Logan in the face for mistreating Mac.

9. Neve runs away

Mac confronts Logan after walking in on Neve trying to kiss him. Mac admits that she recently called the army to report Neve’s whereabouts. Neve rushes out before hearing the crucial end of the story – Mac hung up without reporting her.

Neve later confronts Mac at the surf club, tackling her onto a pool table. In the aftermath of the showdown, Neve runs away and leaves a goodbye note behind for Logan.

10. Jasmine is rejected by Cash

Irene suggests that Jasmine should invite Cash to move in. Jasmine takes this idea and runs with it, setting up a romantic takeaway dinner on the pier and springing the suggestion on Cash.

Cash immediately rejects the idea of moving in and harshly heads off without explaining his reasons. Jasmine is startled to realise that she seemingly misread their relationship.