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10 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week

Home and Away spoilers follow for UK viewers.

Next week on Home and Away, Tane has a confrontation with Tex and the biker gang.

Elsewhere, Alf considers his future in Summer Bay, while Mac considers dating again.

Here’s a full collection of 10 big moments coming up.

Tane meets with the biker gang

Tane worries after receiving a threatening note from the biker gang. He takes the bull by the horns by arranging to meet the group, who put a bag over his head and whisk him off to a secret location.

Tane is shocked to discover that Summer Bay newcomer Tex is a member of the gang, not the keen gym-goer he has been pretending to be. Gang leader Marty warns Tane that Ari once stole $150,000 from them and they expect repayment, along with interest.

Tane receives a worrying ultimatum

The biker gang let Tane walk free after their meeting, but they warn that they’ll be in touch again soon. Tane confides in Nikau about the situation and they agree that selling the gym is their best option to quickly raise the cash.

Tane meets up with Tex to pitch the idea. Tex announces that the gang have a much better proposal – they’ll launder money through Tane’s gym and he can repay the debt that way.

Nikau struggles without Bella

Nikau is proud of Bella when he sees some of the photography she has been working on in New York. However, he’s also missing her badly and struggles to get time with her on the phone, as she’s so busy.

With the time difference causing problems, everyone spots how much Nikau is struggling.

Nikau warns Chloe

Nikau gatecrashes Chloe and Theo’s date night, wanting to keep an eye on Chloe while the biker gang are posing a threat. When Chloe questions Nikau’s behaviour, he reveals that she’s in danger but refuses to explain further.

Chloe speaks to Felicity about her concerns after Nikau’s vague warning. Felicity dismisses her, insisting that Tane would have said something if there was anything to worry about.

Ziggy hopes to play matchmaker

Ziggy is impressed that Mac is being so hands-off with Salt now that Felicity co-owns the restaurant. She thinks that Mac now needs some romance back in her life following Logan’s recent departure.

Ziggy suggests that Dean could help to set up Mac with someone new, but he refuses to play matchmaker between her and any of his surfer friends.

Mac makes a dating decision

One of Dean’s surf students asks for Mac’s number, so he reluctantly hands it over. Ziggy is thrilled, believing that this is Mac’s chance to move on.

Mac gets herself dressed up for her date with the student, but on the way to her planned meeting, she changes her mind and decides that she’s not ready for another romance just yet.

Xander crosses the line again

Rose is called to the scene of a motor vehicle accident and finds Xander already there, performing CPR on a young cyclist as part of his paramedic duties.

When the patient sadly dies, an overinvested Xander attacks the drunk driver who caused the crash. Rose once again worries that Xander can’t cope with the emotional consequences of losing patients.

Later, Rose is alarmed when Xander reveals his coping therapy – he gets a new tattoo to memorialise every dead patient. Rose is horrified and points out how his methods are unsustainable, especially as his body is already now covered in tattoos.

Alf’s bad mood leads to a big revelation

Alf is in a foul mood after returning from a trip to Merimbula. Roo struggles to get to the bottom of it and eventually calls Martha, who’s still away.

Martha tells Roo that she has decided to stay in Merimbula permanently. Roo immediately starts quizzing Alf on what this means for him, but he storms off and refuses to answer her questions.

Justin gives Alf some space to think

Justin spots that Alf is struggling, so he invites him over for a chance to talk and think things over in a less pressured environment.

Alf tells Justin that he fears he may have to leave the Bay in order to be with Martha full-time. Justin points out that this would be great for Martha, but may not benefit Alf.

Later, Alf tells Roo that he’ll visit Merimbula and speak to Martha before making a final decision.

Lyrik return and clash again

Felicity’s band friends, Lyrik, return to Summer Bay after she contacts them over the possibility of regular gigs at Salt. While three of the members are in favour, lead singer Bob refuses as he believes they’re too big for small-time gigs in a coastal town.

When Kirby struggles to talk Bob round this time, he suggests that they should dump Remi and Eden and strike out on their own. Kirby refuses to back Bob, so he quits the band and the Bay, leaving Lyrik without a lead singer.

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