Hollyoaks to reveal a new secret about James Nightingale as he gets mystery call

Once he’s out of prison.

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Hollyoaks will reveal a new secret about James Nightingale as he gets a mystery call in upcoming scenes.

James’s addiction to cryptocurrency apps and gambling have completely destroyed his life in recent weeks, as he was forced to leave the law firm and then accidentally stabbed his son Romeo.

The lawyer has since landed in prison, but next week will see James vowing to turn over a new leaf once he’s released from custody.

James even agrees to get help for his gambling addiction so long as Romeo and the rest of the family promise to join him in family counselling.

However, it soon becomes clear that James isn’t being honest with his loved ones because he’s dodging phone calls from someone only called ‘B’ in his phone.

The family counselling will end up with James and Donna-Marie going head-to-head in an explosion of anger. Donna-Marie is furious, but gains a new perspective when she overhears James discussing the incident with the therapist after their session finishes.

With James’ true motivations now revealed, this mysterious ‘B’ arrives in the village to demand some answers from the lawyer. James is left stunned when ‘B’ delivers a spine-tingling warning!

These scenes will air the week of May 16 on E4 and Channel 4.

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