Hollyoaks star Vera Chok responds to fan theory over Chen-Williams family

Hollyoaks star Vera Chok has responded to fan theories over the Chen-Williams family dynamic.

Chok plays newcomer Honour Chen-Williams, who is married to Dave, played by Dominic Power.

Power previously starred as Cameron in Emmerdale and fans are convinced that Dave could follow the same dark path as his former soap character and become a serial killer.

Yet, when Insertions.us caught up with Chok and quizzed her about Dave’s true identity, she was not convinced he had an evil nature.

“I don’t think so, you know!” she began. “Dave is the everyman and he’s trying his best in life. He has a darker side in the sense that he doesn’t think he’s good enough. There is a slight tension because Honour has got the posh job and he doesn’t.”

She added: “I very much doubt that he’s got a past that’s dark. I don’t think he’s a criminal like [Dave’s brother] Ethan is. He’s nurtured Ethan and brought him up.

“He’s also such a good dad, but maybe he struggles with his self-image and I don’t know what that might make him do. It might make him want to prove himself.”

However, Honour will one day have to face the fact that there is a criminal in her family, as her brother-in-law Ethan is a killer.

When Insertions.us asked how Honour might react to the shocking news, Chok responded: “I think she can be quite mean to Ethan because he’s her annoying brother-in-law. But if she really saw that he’s struggling in life – which he must be – then she would probably want to help him. Whether or not she would be helpful, I don’t know, she might make things worse!

“But I think she would want to help him because he is part of the family. On the surface she does bitch about him, but she is loyal to the family.”

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